Friday, August 20, 2010

A couple of days ago, i was discussing adding a new bookshelf to my room with my mom. You know, to house my growing book collection on my profession and hobbies.

Then she said, "Aiya, you'll be married out and gone already..."

That struck a raw nerve in me that i never knew existed till that moment.
And now, it bothers me.


Usagi♥Love said...

how does it bother u??
just move the bookshelf to ur new place lah

joline said...


it's not the bookshelf sister... it's leaving my room that's been a part of me for so many years. since i was a teen. many memories. i can't imagine the room being empty without me.

love in a lavender field said...

the room is a physical place. all the memories are stored permanently in ur heart. wherever u go, it is still in u.

joline said...

True... but there're always feelings of attachment to physical objects like how we treasure a present from a friend or a rose from a significant other, etc.

lilies in the meadow said...

u will feel differently, after u got married,move out and come back to ur room again. suddenly the feelings abt the same place change