Thursday, August 19, 2010

Was reading some of my old posts. I think i'm pretty funny. hurhur.
In fact, i think i'm funnier online than in real life. Dangwabbit.


zenn said...

i tink is we grow mature, we start to find our old selves silly. tats me la, do u tink so? u think ur old posts are humorous or childishly silly? for me is the latter. i cant help wondering why i blogged abt certain things years ago. next yr we shud celebrate, our blogs r 10 yrs old. WAHHHHHH, blogs are pri 4 liao leh next yr.u know coming to ur blog is a daily feature for some years, i will start thinking i got no websites to see if u stop blogging one sad if tat happens

joline said...


yup! i do find that some posts from the much earlier years are childish-silly, yes. yet, i enjoy recollecting those experiences and thoughts that i had as the younger me. it's quite fun. though embarrassing occasionally..... ;p

the posts written in recent years are the ones that reflect the writer i can still clique with when she was at that stage in her life. :)

no lah, our blogs will be 10yo only in 2013...

ahahha, it's nice to know that i have a friend who follows and comments so regularly here too. it would be really quiet without you! i prefer chatter on the blog rather than having silent readers. so, thanks for sticking ard! and hm, i don't see any impending blog death yet, so no worries. :D

zzen said...

whoots. glad to hear tat u r not leaving blogging.but this yr is the 10th yr we known each other lo