Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 Years and 11th month-sary present...

It was an ordinary monday morning at the lappie at the corner of my room when i felt my foot kick something as i shrivelled around on the rotating chair. I thought, there isn't usually something there...
I looked down and spotted THIS!
A Foreign Body! An Unknown Item in my Inventory! An Object without an Owner!
Whose is this?!

Starts to clue in on who was behind this...

Oh, it was definitely magic alright. I was STOKED!
And I slowly pulled this pretty-in-baby-pink, smooth finished, velvety to the touch, object of hyperventilation out from the brown package...

No, but seriously.
Yes, i was thrilled. Check. Happy that i got a new cookbook. Check. But what made me glow inside was the joy of seeing/experiencing a bit of my best friend on a seemingly same-same and ordinary monday (2 days ago). It's as if he was hiding in my clothes wardrobe the whole time over the weekend waiting for me to open the door to spring out and give me a big ole hug.
Except that he isn't actually there.
Surprises like these always remind me of the times when we first started going out doing the whole courting thing and also, well, doing the whole honeymoon thing after getting together. (I'm proud to say that our honeymoon period lasted quite a long time. :) At least from my point of view.)
It's almost 5 years on and he still speaks my love language(s).
He knows i love being surprised like this. He knows i like being given things. And he knows i love macarons. And cooking. And baking.
Tell me just how thoughtful is he?!
And I'm humbly reminded again of the many reasons why i fell in love with him in the first place, and that he sure is a keeper.

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