Friday, August 20, 2010

Was going through my old chemistry, mathematics and biology exercises (oh, the blood, sweat and tears...) from JC because i decided that i really needed to empty out the clutter for a new season in my life.

While flipping through the stacks of files with fullscape paper filled with my writing of solving sums, finding measurements of chemicals, etc, i found that i didn't quite understand or remember any of the stuff from math and chem anymore. (Bio was my pet subject though)

Goes to show how essential those things learnt at the A Levels really are to real life huh. I can only hope that the abstract/logical/creative/etc thinking that was suppose to develop as a result of all that torture actually happened. Otherwise, what in the world was all that FOR?! HAHAHA.


zzen said...

For getting into nus or ntu.Haiz...i shud have not gone thru jc at all. it is a major disappointment in my life, and it only made me demoralised for many years. hate it

Joline said...


Yeah, JC was hard and what happened was not easy for you. *hug* At least we met. :)

zzen said...

awwww, yahor, at least i made gd pals at acjc.i lost touch with cjc liao.