Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jed had just misjudged a jump onto a chair which he normally would not have bungled up. He was just a teensy weensy bit banged up and i felt so sorry for him and felt sad that he's growing old and maybe making mistakes now.

Jo: It's so sad that he's growing old...
Sister: At least he's having the chance to grow old, and not like Prints. (my previous dog who died suddenly at the age of 7)



zzen said...

aowwww....poor dog. i still remembered hw sad u were, u cried in sch (lecture hall rite) when ur dog died. it is now playing in heaven with other dogs now. probably chasing butterflies or sth

Vicki said...

Oh gosh poor thing. Did Jed Break anything. Hope Hes feeling better.

My Rusty is growing old too. In fact he's been having bleeding warts and stuff at weird to bandage areas till we have to send him for emergency treatment in Mt Pleasant.

Then last Sat he came how sterilized cause the bleeding wart just happened to be in that spot.

joline said...


i cried practically everywhere i went... it was a bad time man.


Thankfully, he didn't break anything. Huge sigh of relief. He just looked "sheepish", and his ears were down. Not too badly shaken but it certainly was a loud sound!

Oh no, that's worrying to hear that Rusty's not doing too well with his skin... How come he keeps having bleeding and warts? Vet say anything?