Thursday, June 03, 2010

Now i know one thing that makes me badly bloated for SURE. Soybeans and its related products. I just had a homecooked miso soup with lots of cubed tofu, carrots, leeks, egg and spring onion and bloated up till i looked 2 months pregnant. I've noticed the same trend when i drink soybean milk. Sigh. I've denied it for so long because i like soybean products. Drat.

Take note, IBS-ers.

Ok, am off to go get my library books on Procrastination!

Oh, i must tell you a joke... I was on the phone earlier with this nice service staff chap from Jurong Regional Library, but i couldn't help but crack up quite uncontrollably and was trying my best to stifle the sounds while carrying on with the conversation...

Jo: "Where can i pay for my booking fee and fines...?"
Nice Chap: "There's a big boo (blue) machine... and if you need hell (help), you can approach the counter..."

Hey, i know i have fines to pay but i don't need to be "boo-ed" and i certainly don't want to get hell for it!


zzen said...

yesh soya beans n other beans are hard on ur ibs. they dun just give u a hard time, sometimes old pple also have stomach discomfort after drinking soya bean milk.dun take those food tat give u gas, it will surely make u bloated

zzen said...

go ahead and see reputable websites for ur ibs. below is a famous webbie. hope is useful for u. in fact nyp is a good library to go to for health topics. some of their textbooks are from US, nt as heavy as UK textbooks.try and find out more. the more u know, the more u are responsible for ur own health.

Anonymous said...



joline said...


Glad to know someone else knows about its effects too. :)


yeah. and a hell counter.

Anonymous said...

last time my lecturer (in NP) used to say: you hole long. (hold on).