Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Band 2

We are zee Wedding Band-ers (J, C, B, T, and yours truly) for another lovely couple. It's really fun playing for weddings. I get to play the piano, enjoy the music and worship (if any), be with a team of friends, get to eat the catered food, witness the couple's significant moment(s), be surrounded by beautiful decor, I get to dress up (all those online blogshop buys put to good use somehow somewhere) and I get a small tok$n of appr$ciat$on! I could do this as a part-time job. Teehee.


zzen said...

walau can i volunteer myself? free scaling , polishin!HAHAHA fun leh u all....nv ask me....i wan to immersed in the lovey dovey mood.aiyo i so thick skinned la*hides

joline said...


that would definitely be a very unusual service provided at a wedding! :p but it'll be cool to have services for to-be brides and grooms so that their smiles will be really sparkly.

Baby Bedding said...

Nice picture of happy moment.