Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jed and I

The above photo cracks me up... His goofy half bared teeth expression he shows me while i'm playing with him.
Him twisting and turning upside down while i tease and poke at him.

Was doing some journal articles readings when i decided to try to... well, resurrect my dormant sketching skills from my more arty farty days which was a good 10+ years ago. Didn't turn out that bad... considering i did it with a pen and couldn't erase to make changes.


WR * David said...

ehhehee those funny little contorted munster-poses reminds me of zombies. Me likey the photos from the last few posts too! Like the close-ups in the wedding piano and eggplant cooking series :P

Joline said...


heh, yeah, very toothy zombie. :)

glad you likey the photos! :DDD more to come, i likes to share.