Thursday, July 01, 2010

Jie and my shopping, cooking and eating adventures!

At this Hong Kong Cafe at IMM. Her yin yang ice and my HK milk tea.
The "pork bun", as written on the menu. It's a BURGER man.

Half for me. Hee.
My wanton noodles with chilli.
Mountain of carrots. I love Giant for its mountain of stuff, fit for Giants! But i think i might be more stoked shopping in Canada where helpings are WAY BIGGER!

Home and soaking the salad leaves. We got these at 80cents a pack when its original price was $4+. The price was decreased a great deal because the leaves aren't as fresh as the newer stock.
Baby potatoes for the mashed potato that my sister made. She's a natural chef man, i tell ya! It was so good. Olive oil, garlic powder, salt, pepper, chopped fresh basil.
Dog checking out whatever that just came out from the magic cupboard, a.k.a. the fridge.
My beef stew's ingredients, which includes cocoa powder. No kidding. :) The recipe's taken from Chef at Home, featuring Michael Smith. I LOVE his programme. Its so homey, unpretentious, inventive, and friendly to watch.
Onions, celery, carrots and garlic. To go into the stew.
Had finished browning my beef for the flavour (so says Chef Smith), and Jed looks on. This is a decidedly cute picture. :)
This was how it looked like when everything was tossed in to boil. But it looks very different after being thoroughly cooked through. Pictures later. :) The beef stew's for tomorrow's dinner.
You can see that the colour is a lot darker now. Lots of red wine, like, 1/3 a bottle. Was trying to finish up the leftover wine in the fridge.
My sister's finished dish. Delicious grilled beef with hot sauce made from scratch, on a bed of salad and mashed potato on the side.

Ah heh... After dinner, i enthusiastically volunteered myself to help out with making our tiramisu. Last week i was having a craving for tiramisu which went unsatisfied. My kind sister asked me if the craving has been met and i responded with a resounding "NO!". So here we are... Pictures of the finished product coming up! :DD
What you see here is the final layer of cream cheese being slopped over two layers of biscuit fingers soaked in coffee and baileys, chocolate shavings... OH. YUM. AGH.


Anonymous said...

WAH! Jo! I want to move in with you and your sister already!!!! The food look so good! and Jed, awwww, Jeddddd, he's so cute! Goodness.


Joline said...


hahaha, next time, when we all live in punggol then we'll have our cooking sessions! okay, but it's my sister who's the awesome real cook around here... i'm her apprentice.

Heaven... would be living and making creation after creation, and noming everything! yes, that would be Heaven.

i want to make milestone soupz said...

I ALSO WANT.but i want to live in amk leh.WAHAHAHA.i m sick today. feeling kinda better now. didnt go to work, sure nagged by boss on mon

zzen said...

tis can becum a biz opportunity?!