Monday, June 28, 2010

Quite tired from staring at the computer screen, so here're just some pictures with short captions.

My potato gratin part 1

Cheryl's delicious mushroom risotto that was polished off by the end of the day. Everyone loved it!

My grilled chicken which Hannah jaga-ed and it turned out deliciously cooked and juicy looking and caramelized. Albeit a little burnt on the skin, but the meat was tasty! Maybe it was burnt due to the sugars present (orange juice, honey, etc).

Nat's butter noodles. Yummeh.

My first attempt at beer batter fish. Salah lor. I put the beer into the egg and not into the flour, which is the correct way.
My sister's OUT OF THIS WORLD white wine fruit jelly. It was SO GOOD that i was slurping the jelly juice like a barbarian.

She made another two last night after the party so that she could have some today. Cheryl, sorry, you cannot have my sister but maybe you can borrow her if you like. heehee.
No people photos in case of issues of privacy.


Anonymous said...

AIYA :( I want to try the jelly on my own!! :)


Anonymous said...

haha. i want more risotto!!!
I shouldn't have taken my lunch before i went over! Crap.


Joline said...


you want the recipe? i'll ask her for it. i think it's pretty easy, i saw her do it.


cannot whack the food hor, so irritating... haha.

Anonymous said...

Jo: Yes please, would love to have the recipe.

Vanny: Haha, darn!...

It's true what they say of us singaporeans... such a foodie nation :)