Friday, June 25, 2010

(Older) Sister: Oooo! The peaches are so pretty!
Jo: Cos they are Snow Beauty Peaches...
Jo: (in my best Disney chirpy show host impersonation) Hi! What's your name? *points to a peach*
Sister: (in high pitched child voice) Ariel! (y'know, from The Little Mermaid movie...)
Jo: And what's yours?
Sister: Cinderella!
Jo: Snow White!

We are such retards. In our late 20s. :) I like!


Anonymous said...


i cannot imagine ley!

okey, then again, it's like how my bro and i will do also.


* *snowfleur * * said...

not retards...that is called...maintaining a heart of a child, which is innocent and true...=P

joline said...


hurhur, yes it DID happen. siblings can do this kind of thing... i guess it's from years of having grown up together and knowing each other's frequency liao.


i agree that it is (maintaining a heart of a child that's innocent and true)!

"retards" is simply the self deprecating but affectionate way of saying the same thing. heehee.