Friday, November 03, 2006

Usually when the neighbours have guests, i'd still let Jed be, that is: run around and bark as he pleases, because i know that he'd eventually calm down from his security guard antics and settle down to sleep in one of our rooms.

Today the neighbour's daughter has some friend (friends?) over and because of the frequent ins and outs, i decided keeping Jed behind a door inside the guest room to keep him from barking was a good idea to save both the neighbours and my ears from rupturing.

Ironically as i'm studying, Jed's silent behind the door and the neighbour and her friends... Well let me put it this way. If i didn't know any better, i'd have thought that they were practising some kind of post Halloween rituals on one another.

Can you blame me? They're talking so loudly at a constant level, oh and throw in some tragically high volume punctuating yells, raucous laughter, shrieks and bloodcurdling screams. It's quite fascinating, really.

If only i could tape down their contributions to the noise sound waves so you could hear.

I'm not complaining though, it's not often that my neighbour has her girly get togethers, and those are just pure fun. Bloodcurdling screams and all.

Er... I should know.


Eliss said...

opps i think i m too talkative in the last post. well i thot my experiences these few days are interesting wat...hmmmmmm

joline said...


whahaha, it's ok gal. Talk all you want, this's what comment boxes are for! And i quite like hearing about the interesting stuff you've got to share anyways. ;-D