Tuesday, November 21, 2006

some random pictures taken over this year

After sending my phone in for repair at a building opposite IMM, i decided to entertain myself with yet another "got-a-slight-inkling-but-don't-really-know-where-but-i'll-just-go-and-see-how" exploit.
So i took a short park connector walk and came face to face with an old railway track cum BRIDGE across a wide, wide canal. I could see the canal water moving in strong currents beneath me between the wooden planks as i carefully made my way across the bridge under the hot afternoon sun.

Ah, here we can see the old railway track cum bridge. Did you know that at one point, i totally had NO RAILINGS to hold on to for a couple of metres... It was darn scary can? Felt like i was doing a tightrope without a net underneath me.

Just an ordinary bicycle hor.

Eh, don't play play k. It is mercedes one hor.

I first time see mercedes bicycle. I also wan.

Wot's that? *peers at the sign on the scaffolding*

Well, we all knew that, right. Yep. Anger is a dangerous thing.


tohjin said...

where can i find that bridge?

joline said...


it's found between two park connectors, it kinda joins both of them together... It's in the jurong east area, within walking distance from IMM.