Saturday, November 25, 2006

I love and speak fondly of this school as much as i make mean jokes about it.
(HAHAHA, ok, weird comment but the honest truth nonetheless.) With a final video sweep that i made of the compound, i bid thee farewell. GMSS will be merging with Jin Tai Secondary and the new building will be located at West Coast.
You cannot imagine the amount of memories i have from spending 4 years of my early teenage life in this school. At every turn and corner, there will be a story to tell, a cue for a multitude of memories of what was done and felt in the past.
One of the saddest bits was not being able to access the band room, but i guess seeing my seniors and taking pictures with whoever we could "collect" was worth it.
People with whom i barely spoke with when i was still schooling there suddenly turned into buddies, as we smiled and greeted one another and caught up with the current ongoings. I noticed quite a lot of people from my batch as well as the ones who are at least 3 to 4 years my senior. And there were the hardcore ones, those who were students during the, 1970s and 1980s!
I kid you not.
Anyway, i just got back home from GMSS after an eventful morning and it's pouring, i'm hungry, and i've got to get ready for church now. Man, i owe lotsa people photos. Teehee. Don't worry guys! I've gotten everything downloaded and they'll be coming your way soon. ;-D
P.S.: Thanks Azlan, Jennifer, Daryl and Sijin for spending some time to yak with me, and much thanks to the other guys as well for just being that smiley, friendly enveloping bunch of friends that you are. You guys have a place in my heart even though we hardly see one another. I'm awfully proud of you ok!


Anonymous said...

hello!! :D Just wanted to say hi! haha and that i'm reading! :P

chrystella/lala. :)

joline said...


hey lala! *grin* nice to know that you visit my humble abode. teehee. i'll link u?

Anonymous said...

yo yo yo!one question..wad's gonna be the name of the new school? *wonders* glad u got to meet up and catch up with ur friends...heh :) seeya soon!

Eliss said...

by the way, are u actually working now
? At where? Wow. cool.welcome to the big bad world!

joline said...


Haha, the new school's name is ........ Clementi Woods. The uniform is GREEN, what a big change from the navy and white! To me, it's like breaking a tradition... I've been in white and navy all my life, throughout school.

Yeah, i'm so glad too. My whole being was brimming with a mixture of sadness, nostalgia and utter glee, and some fear. Some things change and some don't.

Yeah! Wanna see you soon! It's been like, 2 months?


I've been working part-time ever since around may, at a psych center. :-)
So far, yeah, been quite fearful of the people i meet but my boss is really a good man. So, i thank God for that.