Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My exam paper is done with. Don't get me started on what went wrong... I feel rotten but there's nothing else i can do except pray that it will not be as bad as i think it may be and it'll just be according to God's will for me.

Don't laugh, but i kinda feel a bit like a popped pimple right now. All the tension that was stored up over the semester and more so during the exam period has been released suddenly, which has ultimately left me feeling a little sore (in my head) and in raw shock. As much as it is pleasant that the holis are here, i'm still dazed and not quite adjusted to the fact that i'm now officially free till Jan/Feb.

That's how hard i've been working this semester, and i'm not afraid to admit it.

Still, freedom is sweet and i'm going to just lie back and savour my well earned rest.

There're a gabillion things to do! But i'm first going to spend some time with myself, in the quiet as well as in the storm of my own thoughts. I haven't been able to just be still, to have no worries and concerns at the back of my mind, to just be able to lie a little longer in bed without feeling a sense of urgency and desperation to begin the day early to accomplish undone school work.

I need a little time to collect my thoughts, collate all the things that i need and want to do both for others and myself. I'm looking forward to the busy schedule ahead, but before that kickstarts, let me drag my feet a little first won't you.

Which reminds me... Standard Chartered quarter marathon training is in order, and dang, i need to lose (more?) weight for close friend's wedding next year. I don't want to look like a ba zhang in pictures and I'm pretty sure they don't allow black dresses (to hide my flab) on bridesmaids. Boooo. :-(

It's a funky 2:52am now. About time to retune my sleeping patterns as well. Anyway, Ambrose if you're reading this, i'm gonna poke you soon.

Good night ya'll~.


GeRmAiNe said...

i'm booking you first!!! don't go awol during ur holidays yar?

joline said...



yay, i feel so loved. *beam*

Anonymous said...

Go poke Ambrose asap! hehe~ He needs alot of it =Þ

joline said...


Yes, in due time. And it shall be soon. *toothy grin*

lakeside girl said...

Hey babe jus wanna let u know that my hp is spoilt! I can receive incoming calls though, so tmr u can jus give me a call. I'll be at NTU in the evening with my church friends. :)

joline said...

lakeside girl:

meh... i called you a few times during the day and in the evening but couldn't reach you. (1) no answer (2) i reached your mailbox.

Anything wrong?

chelsea5manu0 said...

hello jo,

don't worry about your exam paper. how many times have i walked out of an exam feeling so lousy, wasted & regretful. yet when I get back the paper, I do much better than I thought. This is how we experience God's grace. God sees our efforts & our inadequacies, and He covers up for us & honours us.

it's always gd to have time for solitude, to catch up with yourself.

joline said...


Thanks for understanding both issues bro. *beam*

I wish i was less complicated sometimes. teehee. i wouldn't need to trouble others and myself.

anyway, it's always good to yak with you whenever it's possible! :-DD