Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's that time of the year again. Yeah, the exam period. *snigger* If you didn't get it, it's ok. Lame, and wasn't all that funny.

Anyway, i'm feeling that same old "can't finish studying everything i need to. HOW?!" and i'll step into the exam hall with not much else apart from my pencil case, jacket, watch, water bottle and PLENTY OF HOPE FOR A MIRACLE. And hope, to continue hoping.

Nothing much to say, and i'd rather not spend time blogging too much at the mo. More when everything's over.

One thing's for sure: I need some alone time with myself to think after my exams, spending time with the company of myself. And sleep. Which goes without saying, really.

Drained: Mentally and emotionally, but not spiritually. Kind of in denial too. Close to giving up and not giving it my all, although i know that my being a stickler for perfection will not allow that.

.... mugging close to 10 hours a day is not fun.


Grandpa (from Malaysia) has moved on. And i can't even remember the last time i exchanged words with him or seen him in person.


Pope @ David said...

@.@ *pondering upon exam period*


*presents you a brilliant & unwavering sunflower*
Be of cheer as you appraoach the finish line! & know that the Counselor keeps pace for you every stride!

"..But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

Pope @ David said...

last time you met with KongKong was during your M'sia cousin's wedding?

I pray your you, your Mom n family are KongKong's departure without much pain..

joline said...

pope @ david:

Thankskew. *smiles at flower only to have it wilt immediately in my hand* Hur hur.

I'm trying hard to do what i can... Somehow somwhere, i feel as if i can remember my stuff for the exam. On the other hand, i can't seem to answer a single past year question. :-(


I don't think any family goes through a death "without much pain" unless there was little or no emotional bonding. My mom is obviously in a lot of pain, and more so if KongKong left without opening his heart to Jesus, of whom my mom spoke of every so often to him in hope that he'll see the truth.
For myself, i have been physically detached from him and so feel less. But that already in itself is sad because he is part of me, of my history too, and i never got to be close to him for long.

HippiHo said...

Put some salt in yr bottle of water, will help reduce stress.... =D

joline said...


it helps? that's a new one i've not heard of before... how does it help, biologically speaking?

HippiHo said...

Drinking unrefined salt in low conc reduces fatigue and keeps the mind sharp...

If you want to relax, u can salt yr bathtub too!

joline said...


Rahhh!!! Should've tried that before the 14th of nov. Teehee. How does it work, or more specifically, how does the increased salt content level in the body system bring about fatigue relief?

Eliss said...

wat is unrefined salt?

joline said...


hm... why does that suddenly come as a very good question. teehee. is it the same as table salt, i wonder.

Dr HippiHo said...

Wow… I only read the article once. Cannot confirm if it’s true hor. If I were to “smoke” u guys instead… Salt retains water in cells. Stress leads to increase salt loss due to sweating and more frequent toilet visits. When cells lose salt, they lose the ability to retain water and starts shrinking. In response, the body metabolism slows down to prevent further water loss and cause fatigue. To counter this problem, a diluted salt solution can reverse the process and thus prevents fatigue!! Salt nowadays are produced by a refining process using high heat and chemical additions to remove impurities as well as many many beneficial minerals, all that’s left is NaCl, something quite unhealthy…=)

Ambrose said...

ok a bit slow...
.. ..
LOL period!!
HahahAhaHA! period!! i get it!!

doh.. u're only as lame as the company you hang out with... that's what u get for being my fren.. u degrade yourself to my level of lameness.. DOH!

p.s. i honestly laughed. honest! ^_^

Eliss said...

where to get unrefined salt?

HippiHo said...

Hmm.... nt sure. Can try Nature's Farm perhaps =D

joline said...

Dr Hippiho:

Haha, smoking or not, the idea sounds logical if we make the assumptions on how the body works. Then again, you do do some biology related stuff, right...?


Glad i made my fellow lamer laugh. hur hur hur. ;-)

You can't be as slow as me... There was once i managed to get a joke only the day after. HAHAHA.

(ok, now WHY am i proud of that?!)