Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I got this off Nat's blog, it's funneh! I like the way the Japanese made fun of their iconic export. Check out this Nike advert.


$240 for a gym membership at ACJC for two years... with an additional $20 for processing fee. It sounds almost perfect until you do the math.

$10 per month. Now if i were to go to a Clubfit 4 times a month, it would cost me the same. Thing is, do i go to a Clubfit 4 times a week? No. So what makes me think that i'll go down to ACJC that many times as well? (given both the nearest Clubfit and ACJC gym is just one bus ride away)

The only thing about ACJC is that, i get to once again be in the familiar surroundings of my alma mata. I get to use the track and pool, in addition to the gym of course. I can also... pretend to be a student! I've always harboured thoughts of doing that. One day.... Eh, i still look 17 or 18 k? More importantly, my uniform still fits. *smug*ahem*


A person i recently got to know in class, after hearing me talk for a bit, said: "Hey, do you sing? After listening to you, i think i can imagine you sing. I think jazz. You've got a low voice. Yeah, maybe jazz."

I was stunned. Not only do i avoid singing to people other than myself (solitude lends me confidence, yo. hur.), it's also a long standing piece of information i tell everyone because it's the truth: That i don't sing. I croak.

And if i'm not croaking, i'm probably trying hard to hit higher notes and killing my brain in the process from the lack of oxygen.

While i might make noises that somewhat resembles the sound of singing, like a cross between whining and a trundling diesel lorry, everyone (my poor cell group) would probably be dying from the awful tone of my voice because i don't have strong or velvety vocals. (neither do any of my family members. hur hur.)

So, obviously, i'm no singa.


Jem said...

arh~ bish bash... bull crap...

Anyone can sing! It's only the people who 'think' they can sing that put others down for not being as 'good' as they think they are. You just need to find the voice, tone and key to stick with!

Go to anyone who listens to only chinese music, and he/she will say you sing very well... They simply compare you to Jay Chou= D So, if someone says you can sing, even if you didn't even sing in front of them, means you can! Weird compliment though...?

joline said...


i'm not sure about that leh. when i say "can sing", most people including myself would have certain standards set in place. That might include stuff like nice rich tone, a pretty good range, good diction, strong, etc. That kind of thing.

I guess i can sing, but on a very basic level. Like, i can hold a tune, i'm not tone deaf, but i most certainly will be a very boring singer. :-P

lakeside girl said...

Ooh ooh! The thought of doing that (wearing the school uni and eat Makan Bagus chicken drumstick) have always crossed my mind! Haha!


AC holds alot alot alot of fond memories for all of us, doesn't she?

scezzy said...

erms. 10 dollars a month vs 2.50 x 4 ...per...week?


Joline said...

lakeside girl:

Oh yes she does... I never really liked the experience of being at AC but somehow the times i spent there mean so much to me.

Heh. I'm always on the lookout for equally gungho people to join me leh!


GLAGH! Ok, changed. Thanks for spotting that one. *pai seh* Hee.

Eliss said...

duh... u might as well join california fitness. i dun mind i can see hunks there.but i m going amore which i dislike at times. the gyms r lousy as hell only had treadmills and cycling. then the aerobics always have dance moves wat salsa, mambo. cha cha. wich i hate cos i cant dance for heaven's sake

joline said...


I did venture down to Cali Fit to have a look. REALLY GOOD STUFF THERE! But also very expensive... My friends and i "haggled" down to a ridiculously low price (as compared to the usual) but it was still unaffordable for students.

Really? I thought Amore was good. Er, i thought they also have interesting studd like BodyPump, Cardio something... Kickboxing? And you have facials and spa too, i thought.

Eliss said...

spas and facails are not for those with "cheaper' packages... and at one outlet only i think. they made some outlets(at woodlands where i go after toa payhon close down) for those who signed up more expensive i can only go bugis now. very sian lor. only one aerobics class every sat and sun each. i think it is not worth it since i only go low impact aerobics. i rather go gym other places of cos

Eliss said...

the shower rooms are pathetic too. i m going to join calif next yr after amore ends. at least i can still go gym unlike amore. they are getting more pushy. and last time, it is good in the sense that it is ladies only. now the instructors are guys sometimes so wats the diff btwn calif and amore? but dunno leh i dun like the idea of going orchard to exercise....sweaty and ugly ...cannot try clothes at isetan liao

joline said...


I see.......... well, yeah,those are quite valid points. however, i do know that califit has showers for you! :-)

try to check out their prices and see if u can get a membership at a "right time" where they sometimes waiver certain costs.