Monday, April 24, 2006

approaching the problem

Big, fearsome, teeth gnashing, flesh tearing, people terrifying, junkyard dog, aka Doberman?

Nah... That's how tiny he really is.

Doesn't he look like something from Star Wars with those twinkly bright eyes? You know, those Ewok thingys.

I was once again reminded during cell on Saturday that we need never worry, the simple reason is that the Lord dwells in us, walks beside us. We never need to cry "Where're you Lord?" because he's right here. We only need to humble ourselves, turn to Him and ask, "How Lord, what do you think?"

When we scrutinize our problem(s), they become all consuming, the only subject in our field of vision. But when we choose to trust in God, we then see things using a wider lense, taking the step back and looking at the matter from a macro point of view. You will be struck by the sudden profound difference in your focus. And there is peace in the knowing.


weirong said...

Nice profile-shot in the 1st pic!
Jed's silhouette there reminds me of those graphic used in sinages with the "Beware of Guard Dog" caption~ whahaha.. :D


Sometimes, fear threatens to disarm our walk.. And tt Sat I was timely reminded of the Shepherd who leads us along "paths of righteousness", with whom we need not fear even as we pass "through the valley of the shadow of death"


Must look out for tt AIA-ad n see for myself.. ;-)

joline said...


yea... he looks particularly cool there. Should've put on his studded collar too. Macho!

:-) i quote this book on ageing... It is in times of darkness when we see the shining stars.