Monday, April 03, 2006

Yesterday, the sister and i went to pick up dinner at this Fish & Chip shop located around the Greenleaf area. The little shop was tucked in a corner of some rectangular shaped plot of land that someone decided to call a "park": all of one or two grass patches, a coupla italian restuarants and a few defunct looking shops with the metal shutters drawn down. Schweeet.

While waiting for the food after making our take-away order, we decided to gravitate towards and amuse ourselves at one little er, "aquarium", the one that could jolly well be containing the dinner plate subjects: Lobsters, clams, mussels, and oysters.
The signal for the corny jokes to begin was when i asked her, "Why are the oysters all tied up in a bunch like that?" (groups of oysters were tied up into clusters with a green netting with wide holes, but not big enough for an oyster to slip out)

"Well... For company, i guess." she says.

"Oh... Er. Ok." *then jo begins to do a jiggy from imagining how lovely it must for an oyster to be to be able to commune with other oysters even while in captivity* "So! Everybody say "Oei!" (as in, "Oy"-ster, as opposed to "Yo! Yo!") (yes, superbly lame, i know) >.<"

"I could just kill you right now..." sister grimaces in between helpless surrender to my brilliance. *ahemmmmm*

Attention drifts over to the mussels, and we giggle over how one of them was kind of free bobbing, looking rather upside-down, near the surface of the water. (the rest were clumped at the bottom of the tank with the lobsters and clams)
But then the sister noticed how one of them seemed to be caught in the area where bubbles were jetting out from an outlet. It was being pummeled by the jet from the bottom up and it didn't look like it could escape from the "bubble vortex" unless it had legs or paddles to help propel it anywhere else.

"Oh! I know... It's in a jacuzzi!"
"OHH! And it's having its muscles ("mussels") massaged!"

(sister is now drowning in the foam coming out from her mouth)

*turns to sister*
"Eh, don't you want to ask me to clam up?"

*with one last cerebral convulsion, sister fainted*

*** ***

In other news, i'm pleased to say once again that i got a nice number for my social psych essay. I think that my content can be so much better to get that higher grade, but i thank God anyway. :-)

And... Barney has HATCHED! I will post pictures, once this "Error on page" thingy resolves.


lakeside girl said...

Tee hee hee!

Clever wordplay Jo! *claps claps* You can consider a playwright as one of your career options, after Wonder Psycharist..

Liangcai said...

you just burst the lame-o-meter. Haha. Punny entry though. I was entertained.

joline said...

green apple:

wahaha, thanks ah... But erh... I don't think i can make $$$ from that leh, it's even more lame than PCK. Somemore i may kill people in the process. :-(


HAHAHAHAHAHA.... that makes me very pleeeeaaaaassed! But i don't think my lameness can match up to your witty humour.

chelsea5manutd0 said...

hi jo,

ur ability to play on words confirms u're a great writer, so no more trying to argue with me on this :)

i'm really glad to hear that you did well for ur essay. hard work will always pay off in the end, & i hope u're enjoying the learning too. so keep it up yeah?

joline said...


Aiyo Eugene... *speechless liao* :X

Yeap! In fact, i'm enjoying this module a lot because it's really down to Earth, applicable and there isn't too much of those "airy fairy" theories. Social Psychology is the module... :-D My lecturer and tutor have also played a great part in making it so engaging.