Friday, April 21, 2006

People who jump into relationships one after another as though the previous ones never meant that much, are like quick sand. They swallow up new prey, so viciously, too fast. They don't stop to think very much. But underneath the placid surface, lies a whole collection of death.

Note: the scientific definition of quick sand is nothing like the movie version (which i have adopted) of it. As the scientists say, to drown in quick sand is like "drowning in vegetable soup and the screaming is well, optional".

Friend says she saw an AIA advert and thought i was in it. Hur? Heehoho.

Goodwood Park Hotel is calling me. Ok, not. The durian delicacies are calling out to me. And desperately too. I shall heed them most diligently.

I think my brain wobbles and melts down into blabbery goo when confronted with authority and fear. Not good, this is.

On this day, exactly one year ago, i received a hand written letter (the best way to receive messages, i say!) with the sweetest poem that i've ever set my eyes on. Life changing.

to be continued... maybe.


Pope @ David said...

"to be continued..." also applies to the "Life changing"-point i believe?
hehe.. :o)

joline said...


uh... actually... no it wasn't meant to refer to that.