Saturday, April 01, 2006

Proposal out and emailed. To my horror (but i just really cannot care less at the moment), I discovered while re-reading the course materials that my research topic had already been mentioned to be a current trend in society. In other words, it's not really new in the realms of research. Bah. And i thought i was so smart. >.o" Hur hur. But if the tutor does make a pip over that, i've already got a backup plan. So... Thank God, but i hope i don't need to rethink and retune my whole research scope.
Ahh.... And so Jo's taking a break from all that hair mangling and nervous eye darting (from clock to lappie screen). So i guess it's onto jittery nail biting over the tutor's feedback. Yum.

I'm trying my best not to repeat that "sleep in day, work at night" repetitive system of working again. Nothing but detrimental, it is. So while i'm letting the seconds tick on leisurely by, enjoying the bliss of the sudden slow down of time (or so i think) here're some random pictures.

I wasn't exactly there though it would've been awesome, don't you think? This photo was a salvage attempt to give this inspirational poster a new lease of life. Perhaps even 7-8 years of age or so, the poster was gone dusty and gritty and well, was naturally ripe for the bin. Below on the right bottom corner (not visible here) it reads: "Early I will seek Thee".

Ooooo! This one was an unexpectedly nice macro shot (i didn't think that the Baby Casio was anything to yodel about when it comes to the macro function) of Y's tiramisu cake from Bakerzin. She says that she's now found her favourite or next favourite tiramisu. Hee.

TwentyOne, yes, 21 presents frm Liting on my birthday last year. I don't know how she managed to do it but i do know one thing for sure, is that friends who care will really bother to inject meaning into their gifts. And she, despite all her school committments, did her RESEARCH, both online and from the past years that we've spent together just to purchase (without a budget even! Goodness gracious) these items for me.
Furthermore, she numbered each and every one and wrote down the significance of each. It really did bring me back down to walk through and smell the roses of memory lane again, all the way back to our ACJC days, some... 4-5 years ago. It hardly even feels that long ago, come to think of it. I felt so touched by her effort and time spent, i was just pretty much speechless.
(oh, er... Adele, my laptop was NOT one of the presents.)

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