Thursday, April 13, 2006

newest additions to the wardrobe

above: "MP(3)" by Matthew Flemingabove: "Heavy Medals" by Nick Mahoney

above: "Death by Music" by Jacob Yoon

*Pleased as punch*
The material of the tee is a bit thinner than i anticipated but that doesn't ruffle my feathers at all.
I is happy customer.


weijia said...

may i know how u pay ur online purchases?

Anonymous said...

tats my sis name. i forgot to change it.weizhen

joline said...


Oh, i settle payment through a debit card cos then it's through Mastercard, which is accepted around the world.

alwyn said...

you look great!

joline said...


*sheepish* Aww, thanks Alwyn. :-D oh, and a BLESSED EASTER to YOOOO!

Liangcai said...

Tsk. Too many boob shots. Hahah. I had a bad experience with Threadless unfortunately. They sent me one size too small for the ones i ordered. Sad. It's things like that which spoil the whole online shopping experience.

joline said...


yeah, i know where you're coming from... had the same-ish problem too. hope that over time you can regain that trust (and retail temptation too) and give it a go once again!
Eh... boob shots meant to look as 2D as possible hor.

chelsea5manutd0 said...

u look great!

joline said...


Thanks Eugene... teehee *grin*