Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"There, take this one", he said as he pointed to the little representative of Life that sprouted from soil-less ground. It was such a pity that the camera couldn't focus on all the textures of each of the subjects.

A quiet and almost solitary practice, i had. Would like a new thumb trigger release which would set me back something like close to, or over 200 buckeroos. *nervous giggle*


(sms conversation with sister)

J: I've finally seen fashion's most celebrated and beautiful creation... The Jellyfish Berms!
S: Welcome to the club! Now you have to go wash your eyes with dettol.

please note: sarcastic.


s.berry said...

Ooh.. i like the rustic quality of the subjects.. reminds me of "The Land Before Time"...
I see "red lava" erupting from the earth while nature(represented by lil' hardy green-ferns n weathered wood planks) endures~

Actually it also reminds me that the Sower sows where He wills~ Even the hardiest of soils(hearts) can be touched by His Grace =D


hmmp? o.0
*sua-ku accent*
Si1Mi4 Si3 "jeh-li feesh bumm"?


joline said...


You have a fertile imagination. :-)
And yes, the analogy is very apt.

Oh... Jellyfish berms. It's quite hard to explain how it looks like. Maybe like the Magi's huge head dress? I'll point them out to you when i see it. But i'll prolly come up with some silly code cos i dont want to get beaten up by angry jellyfish berm/skirt wearer.

Anonymous said...

oh my cum ur tag borad suddenly got so many strangers? heh heh. ur secret admirers huh? tmr is my sis ROM . I m so excited i cant sleep.i m going to wake up really early to put on make up.i want to look nice nice...Grins

s.berry juiced said...

I think I know of what u're referring to now! Imagine J-fish pants/skirt, adult-sized-jacket with curiously-short body-length and myb top it off with a beret or feathered-cap.. Oops.. that sounds like a costume from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice? o.0 *boggled*

Eliss said...

hey elder sis got married today. It was very happy morning. The mc was so funny and the most delicious buffet i cant lay my hands on much (in case my dress burst)Next time i get married i will do a similar pattern. And u huh, must invite me too u get married, okok?

joline said...


No leh, those taggers are like spammers, i think. Don't click on the links attached to their names, cos u never know what it might unleash. :-S

heehee, so, did u meet any fine young man? ;-) And goshhhhh, really happy for your sister! Heehee, can post pic of your family? Sounds like everything went well and as planned... So sweet lah. :-)

wahaha, well, if i really do tie the knot, you'll of course be on my list. :-)

s.berry juiced:

Nottt quite...... it's only the bottom half clothing.