Monday, December 05, 2005

Feeling all sleepy from a good dinner that's been due for about a week, in celebration of the parentals' anniversary. Got to say that even after slightly over 20 years of marriage, they still ooze them lovey dovey mushy stuff. Not really through words (not that i get to hear any of it outright anyway) but through their affectionate touches and gestures.
Whee, i sure hope that i'll be able to have such a relationship with future spouse.


Some time ago in year 2002, it was after the 'A's when i was given a part time job at The Body Shop located within Turf City. It was the Christmas period, and i had easily gotten the job but it being the Christmas season, there was plenty of work to accomplish everyday, i had loads of stuff to learn on the spot and tried my best to handle customers and colleagues with tact.
But i was blessed with a manager who is a family friend from church and the other sales assistants were a nice bunch.

But during that time, i was still nursing a broken heart, with the year being the same year of that nasty split. It didn't help that the store had to play this particular Christmas CD over and over and over again, for the entire friggin' day.

The songs included were stuff like, "Give me a Maaaaaannnnnnn, this Christmas!" and you know, another the one that goes like, "Last Christmas, i gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away..."

Not that the songs spoke of my sob story, but they weren't very conducive for emotional healing when you have such angsty music playing overhead. Most of the time, i psyched myself into being strong and to think naught of such matters of the heart.

Yeah, so you can imagine me singing with gusto (em, under my breath actually, lest i be deemed kuku by customers and colleagues) "GIVE ME A MAAAANNNN!!!! THIS CHRISTMAS!!!" And i'd be thinking of myself as a strong, proud, chin-up-and-fighing-fit-confident women who deserves nothing less than a superb male counterpart who knows how to treat his woman, and that i will have better.

These songs, till today, have never failed to bring back memories of that time. Though that period of pain is now dead and gone, but from time to time, i find myself go slightly grim inside when i hear these songs. Thank God that these moments are mostly fleeting.

And then there are those other songs that once upon a time would bring you joy and that fuzzy feeling whenever you hear it over the radio. And you'd beam warmly. But now, they only rekindle memories that pull out from the bad and good times from the past.

It sucks when some songs that started out being personal favourites are now songs that you'd rather not hear. That happens when, because of some event, grew to have sentimental meanings attached to them, and sadly so when it wasn't meant to be intentionally laden with such meanings.

Nah, i am not in a rubbishy mood. Just thought that i'd type this out. Just because.


YEAH! We've gotten a bronze in the women's compound event. Congrats to MG! Well done girl. :-)


Reactions to my currently bleached-streaked hair:

- "Hey! New hairdo!"
- "Hey, nice!"

- WHAT. DID. YOU. DO. TO. YOUR. HAIR?!!?!?!?!

I kid you not. ALMOST ALL the guys said that to me. Now, what sort of conclusion shall i draw from this? Muah hahahaha. Doesn't bother me in the least bit really, because for all its bright golden-monkey-kind-of-gold, plus white blond, plus brown and black, i am strangely pleased.

Have decided to dye it over soon in the colour, "frosty beige". Whatever. I just hope that my theory of Creating Highlights work.


scezzy said...

I feel like, you know, i should assert my masculinity by, you know, going..


Do post a pic or something to enlighten us :P

And that 'Last Christmas' song really is a bitch when you're already feeling lonely during a festive season..

joline said...


Lao eh, you win already, buah hahahah... and NO, when i say you're hilarious, i am really saying that you are. Not that it's time for you to clam.
Behold, the virtue of feminine honesty. *koff*

Ok, i think i shall do a before-and-after photo thingy. If i can find pictures that won't induce vomiting first.

I gotta agree. Kinda tends to make one wallow in sadness. Though i guess that that period had helped train me to learn to be content and comfortable being a swinging single.

J said...

Can i see a phooooooto of your new hairdo, pwease? ^.^

joline said...


haha, uhm... ok, when i get down to taking it. I think my fringe has too much gold though.