Friday, December 16, 2005

Archery Booth RaRa Time

Ah hah, Coach Joline STRIKES AGAIN! dun dun duuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But excuse me, i have produced pretty good students ok?

The Chronicles of Narnia movie is having some sort of publicity thingy going on at Orchard Road and my archery club will be there once again to introduce archery to the public. We'll be having a little booth, not sure where exactly yet, but i'll be there first thing tomorrow!

Orchard Road (not difficult to go right... Not like Expo)
17-24th of Dec, 12-9pm.

Sigh, i hate to tell you this, but because i am honest to goodness, shooting arrows come with a price. Rah. Oh well. We is non profit organization.

A good thing that there isn't some silly suit (not to mention some other totally undesirable outfits) for me to wear, if not, i am sure that my club members will make me dress up and bring a bow and quiver around to promote our booth or something. Eeee.

So far, they've made some pretty scary suggestions during other such events, but jokingly of course. This is the price to pay when you are just one of the few female archers in the club. I am b*** ugly but they got not much choice for females as a promoter, if ever needed. Ha ha ha.


scezzy said...

You know how like hunters used to shoot deer for food...

dress up in a deer costume and hunt humans along orchard road! How's that for some big time retribution!!!

(in light of that i'm hiding in my cave for a while)

joline said...


Sheesh... Why didn't i think of that. That idea seriously appeals so strongly to my sadistic side that it's making me grin excitedly already...

hahahaha, farni lah you, Caveman BX.

=^_^= said...

Aiyo! More self-deprecation. You are pretty, pretty, pretty leh! Not even in the same continent as ugly.

Hope you're having fun coaching ^_^

joline said...


*pai seh* No lah, and i do also have my other bouts of shameless self praise. Hur.

Oh, coaching is fun-ish, because you get to practice communication sensitivity: bringing the message/instruction across clearly to someone who knows zilch about something (archery) and to see them perform well in the short amount of time. So, kinda get to learn what appeals to the human psych to find out what works best for the lay person.

Ah well, children are always more stressful to teach though. But at least, one gets to look into cute sparkly eyes. :-)

Eliss said...

at least u only do this for one day. i teach brushing to children a hundred times a day/ and prob doing this for the rest of my life. but hey, i dun think it is stressful. children are nice pple. betta than adults i tell u

joline said...


Haha... i trust you on that. I guess adults have more stuff to say back. And I guess the childrens' teeth haven't had time enough to horribly discolour and to have a build up of gunk yet, yo?

Oh, been teaching for a few days already. It's been interesting-ish, but tiring. Sian sometimes. But when one puts onees heart into teaching, you can see the result.