Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's been sort of crazy busy over here, what with the annual sleepover i had with my home girls over the weekend which was filled with juicy updates, and then having to make my way to orchard in the last few days to help at the archery booth, a ktv session, and now, a 2 day outreach overnight activity thingy coming up, followed by Christmas activities, and then possibly more archery stuff, a worship team Christmas gathering on boxing day and then finally a Settlers Cafe debut.

Tired and weary is me. I want to curl up into the tiniest ball, find a corner to squish myself into and do nothing but... Breath. And maybe eat some nice strawberry Hello Pandas.

This rush of activity comes after a state of being stagnant and non-productive. Too little and too much helter skeltering, surprisingly makes me feel depressed.

Like on my birthday, i awoke feeling an uncontrollable, unexplainable and a deep unpleasant sense of emptiness and unfulfillment. A terrible sense of heavy dread was somehow born and it sat inside me and festered. But i Thank God for my sister who was going to the gym that day which encouraged me to get up and out, because i figured that if i were to continue to lie moaning on my bed and feel depressed, i may drift into a worse psychological state. That morning, i had experienced something that i never had before, and i don't ever want to come face to face with that again.

Apart from cramming into a corner, an escapade to the beach would be lovely. And tons better, it would be, if i needn't worry about when i have to go home. Or, perhaps to have an apartment/hotel room overlooking the sea (Sentosa?), with me at the balcony enjoying the breeze that the night brings.

*** ***

In other bo liao news, my wandering and wondering mind has been bitten by the drumset bug. Which made me thicken my skin mysteriously and enabled me to asked to kope the drumsticks from the drummer guy after band practice.

Nicely enough, i bumped into JC from the Sonic Edge Band who gave me a tip on how to begin to er... em, dis-coordinate myself so as to let my hands and legs engage in different activity at the same time. That's drumming for you, i guess.

I shall begin my search for drumming classes though i have a hunch that it's going to be waste of dough, worse still, i might cause the death of my instructor, maybe from high blood pressure or a heart attack.


weirong said...

I can emphatise w you really.. Busy to the point of nil-spare-time for own utilisation.. What we need after the busy season is of course a retreat or two(it's supposed to be the holidays after all xP) heh..

ah.. the beach... *wistful* i can visualise the sun setting over e horizon now.. and see footprints in e sand ;)

Anyway, don't worry abt not having found fufilment from your time now.. bcs as long as you dare to dream, your hopes will lead you forwards to achieve; and eventually discover that sense of personal-victory! :D

cheryl said...

ahaa by drummer guy you mean ephraim? my bro's really keen on learning the drums too. there was dis guy from my previous church who went for yamaha lessons for 4 yrs and was really really good. maybe you could go try it out..

liting said...

oh dear. looks like we took up much of your time...

hello panda!!! eat mine!!! #03!!!

I love a day to the beach too =]

=^_^= said...

OooOOoh! I love the drums. Though I can only play slight variations of a basic bass,snare,hi-hat beat. *rolls eyes*

joline said...


i think i see the holiday falling on this coming week. Rah! The end of the year is near and we haven't gone to the beach yet.

I did dream, and tt's about it. Driving! Still haven't done that yet.


Heh, yep... But i try as much as possible not to put names on the blog so that they don't appear in searches.
Really? I checked the Yamaha website and it seems that they don't offer it although it does. Maybe i have to go down to Yamaha itself to enquire? Oooh, ask your brother to learn tooo!

joline said...


And i have perfectly no problems with spending time with you girls ok. It's been far too long that we've not met.

Wah, you can still remember which was which ah? *clap, clap* Your presents are so dear and precious that i dare not so much as touch them.


That's not bad already ok! Still interested to drum.......? *pleading*

Anonymous said...

i gotta a frend form jc who plays the drum. she even have a band and goes to pub to perform. but hey! i lost touch with her eons ago....So..+sad faced+

Miss Mysterious...she who must not be named is here

joline said...


Nice, i hardly hear of female drummers. And she sounds pretty good at it! Mmm...? Surely there is no harm in revealing yourself? :-)

Anonymous said...

she is one rock glam chick whose band plays at her house for practice. And she was always composing songs. eg, this toopid very lame song abt our GP teacher. It sounds so HORRIBLE man i tell u. all the other teachers heard it except that gp teacher.ahhahahaha.wat a gal!

You guessed right.i m Her, Mistique

joline said...


Sounds spunky, she does! Hahaha, would love to see what kind of a GP teacher inspired a song like that.