Friday, December 23, 2005

2000 years ago, He was born. But no one at that time, had a physical place fit for a new born to be brought into the world, and so He was born in a stable. A very humble beginning to the many glorious happenings to come and for that one powerful act of ultimate love that created history.

This Christmas, let's remember the real reason of why our calendars are marked. It's not about a ruddy, obese, sack-carrying man, who rides on a sleigh with a reindeer suffering from a perpetual nose bruise and who most certainly won't land on your HDB rooftop. Neither is it about engaging in self indulgent, unruly behaviour, although it does seem like the perfect time to do so.

Burning all the peripherals away, this's really about Jesu (no spelling error here), and this season is to remember his Birth Day. It's a celebration for, and of him. So let's not keep him waiting on the outside of our hearts as we busy ourselves with the stereotypical Christmas activities, denying him access into our lives, the same way he was kept out and away as a baby due to be born.

I know some of us don't celebrate Christmas the same way Christians do, but i would just like to wish you a time of warmth and love as you spend the holidays with family, friends and special ones, and perhaps take some time to reflect on the past year and what all of it meant, and what needs to be addressed in the future ahead.

Inevitably, some of us may feel more alone than ever, feeling quite the contrary to what is going on around you. But believe me, when you embrace the real meaning behind Christmas, you'll know and find that you were never meant to be alone. Jesu was sent just for you on Christmas, to later on die for you, so that you'll never walk alone, even if every other physical particle, living or dead, has left your side.


Anonymous said...

xmas to me is a day to reflect on the yr. it is also the time i spend the most money! haahhah. i sound superficial dun i?

Mistique(i bet u know who this is)

joline said...


No lah, it didn't occur to me as superficial at all. Even though Christmas is an occasion i celebrate, i spend loads too!

HippiHo ho ho... said...

I am amazed... =D

joline said...

hippiho ho ho:

hur hur, how apt. :-) Amazed? Over wot about?

Anonymous said...

ya lor. wats they to be amazed abt???