Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The one by the Cell.

"Because of our busy schedules, we coudn't really do much, so we got you this present..."
"Oh, and this present was very thoughtfully put together"

And K hands me a package in silver, which i accepted with thanks. I mean, a present is a present, so i was grateful. (later when i opened it, it consisted of Skittles, Ferraro and this other munchie. HAHAHAHA.)

At that point, i was wondering why everyone was looking at me strange, with these little expectant and if i may dare say so, even CHEEKY smiles, on their faces.

Well, i didn't want to make it like i was expecting anything big, because, erm, who am i to do so? It was too bad i couldn't stay with them further for dinner because i had plans for the night, hence i left early.

Little did i know that when i left, KW told my cell group, "How could you do that to your CG member?!"

23rd of December came, and we had a cell Christmas gathering at N's place, just like we did last year. Everything was going fine and dandy, sumptuous dinner with great company. I have to admit that i was wondering if they were going to pull off a birthday surprise again, like they did last year.

When there was no mention of anything, i felt... Ok, a little sad. C'mon, for people who always make sure to give meaningful presents to birthday folks, 3 packets of munchies was very unlike them, unless they had honestly thought that munchies are my most prized desires in my lifetime.

(Though frankly, i enjoyed the munchies a lot while i was on the way home, because i was absolutely famished that day. I hadn't a thing to eat from morning till night. Only drinks.)

After having my fill, i was slouching contentedly on the cushy couch when suddenly, someone began to announce loudly from behind me, "And now, we would also like to celebrate... I's birthday!" ("I" refers to someone's name) Yay!!! The birthday girl covers her face in surprised embarrassment as everyone claps and as someone brought out a log cake with the candles that indicated 22 years of age.

Jo thinks: Don't expect anything for myself lah...

A birthday song ensued for I and then K chirped out of the blue: Hey, it's also joline's birthday right?

And so a second birthday song ensued and at this point i was thinking: "Oh hey! So they did remember, or at least, K did..." And to my utter amazement, a SECOND log cake emerged from behind me. Oh gosh... I was totally taken by surprise and i had honestly thought that they'd just take off one candle from the first cake, so that it'll indicate 21 years of age.

Oh man... So they DID plan to play that trick on me! *ROAR!!!!* Haahahaa. So those WERE cheeky smiles i saw, a week ago.

And what do you know? Even though Gem couldn't be there with us because he had Christmas musical responsibilities... His thoughts were there with me, because when i opened the gift from the cell group, it turned out to be a small and compact NKJV bible: Something i've been eyeing for a while, because my usual student bible gets too heavy to lug around sometimes. And he, being the observant guy he is, remembered that need/want and suggested getting it. *smile* Thank you. Thanks to K too, for picking out the pretty bible. ;-) Very good taste.

Once again, i've been so blessed and provided for. And i have done nothing at all, to deserve what i have been given. Ah, Thank God for putting these people in my life and Thank God... for simply just, Everythng.

These were the people who stood by me during my stormy exam period this year that proved to be so nerve wrecking that i thought i was going to lose my mind, and these were the people who offered counsel and care through their words of encouragement and kind gestures. And they are the very people who had no qualms about praying for your needs and who always had valuable insights into life and its lessons.

Oh! Be blessed, precious cell group members. :-)


lakeside girl said...

Happy belated birthday babe!!!

Sounds like you had a great bday surprise from the Library gang (FSH = follicle stimulating hormone?!?!) and haha..you girls are jus soo cute la.

Hey, are you free this friday evening btw? :o)

joline said...

green apple:

Thanks girl... *bow* :-) Appreciate that! Yeap, i had a great surprise, and i felt so touched. Hur hur, oh, when we were taught that (FSH) during bio lect in AC, we were nudging "the Librarian" (you know who right) about her very similar initials. heehee.

Hmm... So sorry girl, i've checked and apparently have got a band concert to attend on friday evening. :-(

lakeside girl said...

Shucks..im slow! Okay i know who FSH is liao. Wahaha. Err, i heard abt impending um..wedding bells? :x Send my regards to her yea.

Ooh okie, enjoy yourself then!

cheryl said...

hey! blessed birthday plus a great year ahead!

History Maker said...


I'm glad that you enjoyed ur surprises by many of ur friends and cell members. Remember that cell members are impt and though they are cheeky, they are very fun and full of surprises all the time.

Hope you like the gift I presented to you. Glad to catch up a little during the retreat though didn't really chatted much.

Take care and I hope we'll meet soon for a meal or fellowship.

Be Blessed!!

joline said...

green apple:

Thanks muchly. :-) Hope you have a good time too, if you had planned something on the 30th.

FWAH! News travel until so far already liao ah! *0.0*


*grin* Tt's really nice of you. Have a blessed new year too fellow sista keyboardist!

History Maker:

They sure are. I never expected to find a group of people in church that i could clique with. Truly God's providence.
Yep... Thanks once again for your present! Very handy and practical, better than ornamental gifts. ;-)

chelsea5manutd0 said...

u shouldn't have been surprised. did u think that that was all we would do for u on ur b/d? the first "present" was meant to be a decoy so you wouldn't guess for the actual thing. it wasn't KW that led us to do it...it was oreidi part of the plan...i think. I wasn't the 1 who planned it tho.

joline said...


Buah hahahaa, all righty... Hence, it was funny cheeky looks i was getting. Was indeed surprised because i was trying not to expect anything though i knew that the cell never fails to look out for each others' special birth dates. (as far as i know)

Arr... we missed ya on the New Year's Youth service!