Wednesday, November 30, 2005

For a country so interested in our bright, young and imported talent, so bent on golds and medals in general, so supportive, so desiring to up our sporting standard, so intent on splurging on a sports school to give young kiddles a chance at excelling in an area other than academics...

They sure give so much coverage for the SEA Games as a form of encouragement and a way for us at home to support! 1 hour! I couldn't ask for more!

Oh yes, in 1 hour, i am able to see every single movement detail of a wushu exponent, i am able to learn the little itty bitty techniques from a taekwondo match, i can critque the sprinting techniques of a sprinter, i can cheer the swimmers all the way, i can silently whisper go-go! to our snooker-ians, and scream and jump as i watch our sprinters pound on the track, i can stay attuned to take note of the opponent's weaknesses and strongpoints in a badminton match, i can also watch my archers in action for ALL THEIR EVENTS: men, women in compound and recurve!



Sheesssshhhh. Here's an open letter that i just MIGHT edit and send. *ROAR!*

Dear Mediacorp,

Would you be so kind as to up the number of hours of screen time? It IS the SEA Games you know and our nation is interested, aren't they? We've got legions of young and impressionable minds out here waiting to be inspired and, and we'd LOVE to see our heroes in action.
Pretty please?!

Yours truly... (truly annoyed)

p.s: the only thing that i'm pleased about is that the 1 hour occurs at 6pm, and not at some unearthly morning hour when everyone's still meditating horizontally.


scezzy said...

Are people even home by 6pm??

Though i'd agree if there really are highlights, let's see more of it..

and i don't just mean the female gymnasts :)

=^_^= said...

Yeah, I remember the days when there was a free to air dedicated sports channel and there would be regular NBA and tennis coverage and all day round asian games,olympics etc coverage. If you could have seen how angry I was when they changed their schedule in the last minute and failed to show the gymnastics FINALS last olympics... It was not pretty I tell ya.
Sometimes I think our local tv was better before it was privatized.
Mediacrap is well...pretty crap. I guess that's why they introduced cable tv.

cynicholas said...

you mean SEA games are actually going on?! *snark*

Joline said...


yeah, was wondering about that too... but what can we say? Rarh.

heh, cheeky leh you. 8-) *wag finger*
Wouldn't mind watching the gals too myself, for totally different reasons of course.

I caught the schpecial sacred magic one hour, and all there was, was swimming and sprinting events. Exciting, yes. But no variety one.


(i always derive some fun from typing that little face out. yes, i am a silly amusable goose. hur.)

THERE WAS?! Hm, ok, that, i don't remember... Ack. I can understand how you must've felt. The sport that you savour watching... Poof, just like that! I'd feel like throwing a boot at the television people too.

Cable tv... let's see. Argh. Full of foreign sporting events.
There is no hope! *wail* *comprain comprain*

*points and laughs at at "Mediacrap"* *muah hahahahahha*