Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Today... Is the day... When i brought both pain and joy (i hope) to my mommy, some 21 years ago... In a hospital... When i got smacked to see if i was alive... When i first breathed in air from this planet called Earth... When my folks received someone or something, otherwise considered a gift from God, though hohoho, they sure didn't know what was coming to them...

MUahahahahaha... Yes, 21 years ago on this day, i came along.

I promised a blog post on what happened when 8 people collaborated seamlessly with each other with me blissfully cloaked in ignorance, to spring me one perfectly executed birthday surprise.

Lesson learnt: Never. Ever. Underestimate Miss G.L.

Details in a bit!


History Maker said...


I'm sure you enjoyed and really blessed to have ya as a friend!!

Owe ya one. We shall go out someday!

Be Blessed!!

Anonymous said...

I cant stop saying this: HaPpIe BirAThday. wahhaahaa. this is the donkey time i have been saying this. think we shud meet up. maybe the airport agn? or some warehouse sale?


cynicholas said...

dolce libera!

Joline said...

History Maker:

Thanks mate for the well wishes! :-D


*grin* It always makes me smile to see your msges anyway! Maybe warehouse sale... Heh. You have patience for a silly, undecided goose like me.