Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I've been guilty of delying comment replies (but i've replied oreddi! but yes, you may stone me) and blogging because i've been stuck to the xbox for the last couple of days. Someone save me. Either that, SOMEONE PLEASE BE MY XBOX PLAYMATE! And WE GOTTA AIM TO PLAY TO WIN!

Note: My gem came over to my place and i erm... made him play the game with me. *pai seh* But he had to pick... Gimli! *piak* (Gimli is that short, ruddy, hairy, chunky Dwarf in Lord of the Rings)

(my sister has now grown slightly bored of my choice of game, and is already grumbling that i've been hogging her xbox and depriving her of her games.)

Thing is, she doesn't make a pip when i'm playing and when i'm not at it, she's on her PC. I'm not selfish lah...
As you might have guessed, i have decided to go through with this game until i complete it. Deadset on its completion. Which looks like an end that is no less near. Soon.

I love having two blades. Wah, and i've been playing until i feel slightly giddy-ish when i stop to pause for a rest.


Vicki said...

Hi Joline. You can always bring your game over to my house to play. I have an xbox that is only used to play divx/avi wrestling and chinse kung fu type shows cause of my grandfather and my mother/fahter. Lets just say it is under untilised haha.

I also finished my auto transmission lessons for driving at SSDC yesterday and my test date isn't until 20th Feb so I'm free for the whole of december and possible January as well. Plenty of time for u to play

joline said...


VIiiiicccckkiiii!!!! HELLO!!! *waves*

Are you serious? Are you really really serious. Woohoo! And i think i remember yours to be the blue transparent xbox. Pretty. Oh, and you stay around Serangoon right?
Do you fancy LOTR?

Vicki said...

yep i stay at serangoon. I lotr but watching and reading it. I can emphatatically say I suck at playing it as what my 11 yr old kid cousin says. haha.

joline said...


heh... guess it is safe to say that you excel more at the thinking games vs button mashing games.