Friday, December 30, 2005

me: "Oh, what must i do so that you'll be clean?!" "Hey, that sounds like what Jesus would say."
sis: "Getting into the Christmas spirit, are we."

(exclamation made after sweeping the floor but only to find that it was still felt grainy and sandy)


Girls, this was a lesson learnt you know?

"Wearing a bra ah, is an Art. It's not just, put on already then, "Let's Go!" " said the aunty in Triumph.


Anonymous said...

i have absolutely no idea wat u r talking abt. but anyway...happy new year!!

Crimson Sunflower

joline said...

Crimson Sunflower:

(a red sunflower???)

teehee, a blessed new year to you too! :-DDDDD May it be filled with motivation to do our best for what we focus on and may it be an enriching year of life lessons. :-)