Monday, February 21, 2005


Back from the tertiary camp that was held over the weekend.

Had wanted to post up something on how it has been a small but significant blessing. But i got gunned down by my mom's killer glare last night so the post isn't done yet.

Catching up with my readings that i've missed now so i'll probably be back only later.

It's been days of mulling, self reflection and realizing my faults and flaws.
And i realize how much control AND how little control i have over who i am and how i can change.

I'm looking forward to the next camp... The planning was insane but everything pulled together in the end.
If the social recluse can say that another camp would be cool, then it must be good.

It was not perfect. But qualitatively, it was perfect.

Thank God.

Later, loves.

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