Thursday, February 24, 2005

*stares ahead*

Forrest Gump to Jenny: I may not be a smart man... But i know what love is...
(or to that effect)

I wish i had the priviledge of knowing what love is.
Then again, i do know. In black and white text, that is.

We've heard many versions. We've thought we felt it.

I want to know it inside out.

I wonder if "love" to a person with IQ 70 is actually a very simple and straight forward concept indeed.

Maybe we complicate it.

Does the love a child has for his mother (don't give me that Freudian stuff) share the same basis as the love a couple share?

The 4 letter word that boggles many and even joggles scientists into research.

Sometimes i wonder if it was strong feelings or love.

A friend told me, we'll never know what love is till we know and feel God's love.
Or rather, we cannot love another until we have experienced the love of God.

Can human love be as perfect as that? Even for a moment?
Will all of our striving ever lead to at least near or perfect love?
(right, i know that it sounds like a straight answer is due.)

But, or ok, how about "True love", as we put it more commonly. Heard of that right.

We've heard some really good stuff.

I know so little...
I have insufficient knowledge of such, i shall hesitate to comment further.

People i know who live through or are living through tough circumstances or are depressed/angry/jaded/... inside, seem to have a mighty load of insight into life and many other aspects of existence and the world around them.
Much to say about that but i will zip.

It's that time of the year again, when deep cognitive aspects from history act up.
But i must say, it isn't half as bad as last year.

Tell me, guys.
When you are with a girl (someone that you actually have designs on), and then you happen to see an attractive girl go by and decide to watch her.

What goes through your mind?

Hm, girls, what say you.


My lappie has died. Hard drive is down. Rats.

Using the dad's comp isn't a liberating experience so...
Oh well.
Till i can get my lappie done, i guess blogging down my thoughts anytime i want will no longer be convenient for now.

Off to musical enlightenment.

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