Monday, February 28, 2005

Good emotional upheaval

Saturday blew me away.

I'll spare everyone the usual sad talk and launch into the reason why my faith has been given a boost.

Apparently, someone i know just a little, came up to me, in obedience (she was told by the youth pastor to come to me) and prayed for me.

Me: Just curious. Why did you come to pray for me?
J: Honestly, it was actually Pastor E.
Me: Really?
J: He told me, "Go and pray for this girl."

This is the second time in my life so far, that someone has been prompted to pray for me.

The first time someone did, she had tears in her eyes and she prayed something REAL specific too, with reference to an issue i had during that time.
Which was a long time ago.

So when this happens, it always means something special, personal and unique to me.

When she prayed she then said to me, that she was given a word/vision from the Lord which was of a "Locked Door".

She asked me if it meant anything to me.


Won't go into details here. Maybe not yet. Because it involves lots of outpourings.

But for now, i can say that being where i am in the Urban Race (youth portion of church), is where i should be... it's the right place to be.

- Growing in the spirit,
- questioning and learning,
- being refreshed by the insight of others,
- being ministered to by the elders in church,
- having more Christian brothers and sisters who're there to give support,
- and of course, being there to be of service to others who need help,
- to learn what it means to be a servant.

I am reassured by God, that i am someone in His eyes.

In recent days, i have been witnessing a number of small of interesting things from the Lord and i hope that as i continue to pursue God and serving Him, He would reveal Himself to me.

I hope that these are signs of the ball rolling.A start of a great and deep jouney with my God.

I want to leave my old way of life on the ground in a pile, and walk away from it, hand in hand with my Lord.

No more do i want to continue living in a life of uncertainty.

But i want one filled with genuine love for God and with that genuine drive to serve Him because i know God so personally and i want to do His will.

And when i share the good news with others, i can confidently say that i know and love this God of mine.

How can i reach out in Christ's love if i have no idea what it is or means?

I hope that in due time, all that i've been through, will be used for God's glory, for His purposes.

That whatever that He had me go through, would be used as a living testimony for sharing with others what God is about.

Till Then.
*I've got a message that God sent someone to tell me. How cool is that.*

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