Friday, February 25, 2005

A little clearer.

COOS Tertiary Camp

Mostly, it was a great time of mixing around, cell with cell, with the current undergrads getting to know who the future cell supervisor would be and just getting orientated.

Course there was that one or two, "forever-young" types who came to join in the fun.

Most of us have seen each other before in church and some might've already forged friendships.
But i guess this's just a more formal-informal way to getting/forcing everyone to mingle.

Can't say it was a bad thing. I'm glad i went because it was short and sweet, power packed with enough social stimulation.
And of COURSE, not forgetting the worship we had and moments for reflection and discussion.

Speaking from a recluse-but-actually-a-hidden-extrovert's point of view, you'd better believe it.

But that aside.
*SWOOOSH* (big huge broom to swept the frill away in one gargantuan effort)

What really stayed with me from that camp is the confirmation that i have that God is real and He is my personal Lord.

We had invited an ex-NTU cell leader, LS, to give us a short message for the morning's devotion.
I've to admit that it wasn't so much the message itself that spoke to me.

But it was what was REQUIRED of me and hence the reflection afterward that brought things into focus.

She spoke about "Abiding in Christ". The analogy goes like this:
Jesus is the vine and we, as Christians, are the branches that span out from Him.
We ought to live our lives as living branches, not dead ones that only look pretty with the visage but are actually useless.

By abiding in Christ, we rely our all on Him. And from there, He uses us in seasons of our lives to bear His "fruit".

These fruits we are referring to could be, a fruit of the spirit, like, "kindness", "gentleness", "self-control", etc.

Or, it could come in the form of us perhaps helping someone find God and in due time, this person will come to know the Lord.

And other things.

It is like God doing his work in us, anything, when we rely on Him, so that in due time, we blossom and display His beauty and/or His work in this way.

So, as i sat down alone to pray... I felt really empty, rather useless. I felt like a peanut amongst everyone else in the room. I felt unworthy of God. I felt so small.

To cut the long story short. After our group discussion and sharing, we split up to just uplift one another in prayer.

And all i can say is, when LS, this very anointed sister prayed over me, i just cried.

Everything that she said, just every point in her prayer was so specific to me that i couldn't help but feel touched in my spirit and i just felt hot tears fall.

It's not everyday that you have someone say something SO SPECIFIC even without having to tell her everything.

When we broke camp, i decided that i had to speak to her because i had so many burning questions and i felt really drawn to speaking to her.
It was great seeing that she was edified and me blessed, in the whole process.

One thing she said that i will not forget:
"When i pray, I try my best to rely on the same Holy Spirit that lives in you and me."

The whole thing was confirmation for me as i came to realise: GOSH, i am not all alone... We are all running the same race and we all face the same struggles as Christians living this life in this crazy world.
God is real and no matter what i might think, He has a lot more capabilities than i credit Him with!

Another wonderful thing was that, on the first day, we had a few people who weren't in the best of health, so during our committee debriefing, we just prayed over them to be healed.

And yeah! They got better overnight!

Praise God. :-)

Truly thankful that it has ministered to me (and i know others too) meaningfully.

In time, i hope that the many other youths, or just EVERYONE, will be richly blessed in spirit the same way, or even MORE, than i have been.

*** ***

Have i been too rough with my new phone? The joystick isn't working too swell these days or is the phone just laggy.

I need participants for my upcoming psychological experiment.

Where art thou?

Till Then.
*i wuv psych*

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