Thursday, August 02, 2007

Time to get into shape man, and i don't mean the round kind of shape. Because i've got 3 runs coming up:
Sheares Bridge 6km Run (26th August)
Shape 5km Run (9 September)
Standard Chartered Half Marathon (2 December)

Hooooooooo boooyyyy... *gulp*
Need to get better, PRONTO!


I read the latest Habitudes images that were sent to me, and i found myself nodding in agreement with every one of them. Timely and in season for me right now.

Speaking of things "in season", other than school that has just begun for me, i need to get down to sending out my applications to the Unis over yonder. A few years ago, my dad was adamant about me going overseas, because i wasn't street smart or mature enough. But today, it's an entirely different story. He asked me this two nights ago: "So, have you decided what to do (course) and where you want to go? You better start sending out your applications." The look on his face. I can't quite put my finger on it.

It's a clear green light that he's all for me leaving the country now to pursue my masters.

(rather interesting that one of my last two modules i'm taking this sem is called Acculturation Psychology. It's all about 'culture shock', the what and hows of it. Perfect for me, and i didn't realize how apt it is for me now, because i'm one scardy cat when it comes to travelling to a foreign land.)

The question about whether i'm REALLY going to go is another hurdle though. There are a few factors in my life that are being revealed to me right now that kind of make me wonder about what God intends for me after i graduate from UniSIM. I'll find out in time. As long as it get these applications going!

Wait. I haven't even decided what course i want to do yet.


Gracia said...

Hey there sweetie!~ Hehe. I dunno how you would react to someone calling you sweetie, but you are still a real sweetie beneath your tough exterior la! :P Glad to know that you are doing well and all.

Anonymous said...

hey! lately i have been real busy and i cant chat on msn anymore. cos apparently there is a worm in msn. so i dare not chat in case my whole intranet kena worm....not just my comnpany is the whole MOE network!! beware of pple sending u files while chatting on msn. worm!

Anonymous said...

study sth u have a passion for...otherwise u may regret it. like me now.wahahah. but i made great frends in poly...not sure i will make such good frends if i study other and my bunch of frends ride thru storms ya know

joline said...


Hey Sweetie! I respond very well to endearing names! Wahaha... aw, thanks girl. Ok, i was a bit speechless when i read your comment but you know, you hit the nail on the dot lah. I'm glad for your open honesty, it's refreshing. :-)


I totally understand the value of having great friendships with people who go through the tough periods and joys with you. :-) Glad that it was a change from CJC... hohoho. So i'm happy for you! yuck, hate viruses. bo liao leh, those pple who make them.

Ambrose said...

just dun d/l any files! =p
well, unless the virus is self-propagating n doesn't need client side authorization to initiate download -,-'"
n.. rumor is.. ppl who c8 viruses r the ppl who c8 anti-virus softwares =D tada! so it's not bo liao, it's making $$! =D
smart heh? =p
meh.. no one calls me sweetie :(
not even my mum.. i'm the sour one in my family. my sis is the sweet one haha =p
anon, why regret? butden, guess that's private and personal, so dun reply if u dun wanna =p

Anonymous said...

cos i spend 6 long yrs on sth i dun want to continue mah...waste time leh....then wat shall i say when i look for other jobs? i cant justify myself

Ambrose said...

well, there was a chinese singer.. forgot who..
spent like... 6years? in law school. yeah.
then he became a chinese pop singer. ha.
so yeah, u won't be the 1st, n definitely not the last ^^
trying to justify time wasted is like trying to justify self-worth... ie. IMPOSSIBLE =p
instead, the faster you accept the truths, and approach life with a focused direction, the easier it is to let go of your past.
i got a fren who regretted spending 5yrs w a girl he said he should have broken up with like.. after the 1st year. but heh, if he continued trying to justify himself, he'll just stuck himself in quicksand. so he moved on.
fyi, he's since had 2 more r/s -,-'"
okok.. so i digress.. i can quote my own life story! but i'll do that another time =p for now, i think u're doin ok. when u really feel tt your chips r down, drop by here ^^ mayb then i'll tell u my simple story =p

Anonymous said...

i decided i must never get into any silly bond. no more bond for me.i shall just sign a contract that i can terminate anytime i want. bonds huh...forget it