Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ok, i really don't know what i landed myself in.... but. I signed up for the new balance real run already. I think i'm runner number 5454 (wot a pretty number), so i think places are running (pun not intended) out really fast since the registration opened on wednesday.

Sian... I think i will be one of the few beginners going for it. Going to be really pai seh i think.


Anonymous said...

u have been training hard rite? dun worry just go for it. it will be fun! just for the experience! dun give urself unnecessary stress....GO JO!

joline said...


Actually... no... i have not been training hard at all... *runs and hides sheepishly*

if i run alone, most likely i won't have that much stress... but then that means that i'll be feeling pai seh all alone too. teehee!

but yes, for the experience, i agree with that. think i'll need to read up on how to train or what to expect on tt day and how to prepare for a cross terrain kind of thing.