Monday, August 06, 2007


Other then expanding my adipose tissue this hols...

Gem and i went on a trip to Sentosa! (via cable chair and we also tried the skylift thingy that took us from the beach back up to the cablecar station, WOOT!)

To Sentosa... It's been years since my first cable car ride.

Lazing on the beach. :-D

Some fictitious dragon bones. Heh. Encountered on our way down to the beach.

Attempted to take a photo. I look odd cos the glare of the sunlight was hurting me eyes. *squint*

This male peacock was quite a headturner. :-) So pretty. The combination of feathers spells vibrant colours, textures and patterns all rolled into one!


Puppy visiting at Jun's place. Many a heads were bursting at the cuteness of 4 chihuahua pups, and one pretty mommy chihuahua. Featured here is the only female pup and her brother, Patch.

NTU cell goes to Pulau Ubin! This was taken while on a really bumpy boat ride. The sky was threatening, the sea was choppy and the wind was gusty... and NTU cell chose to sit OUTSIDE (muah haha). It felt like at any moment, one of us could've gone overboard. We were thrown from side to side, with cold and salty sea water spraying and splattering furiously all over our faces and bodies. It was hilarious! Every time we got hit, a series of shrieks and screams would entail. Thank God none of us got sick after that.

A rather rabid looking person. Wonder who it is.

Chek Jawa!

Jun's muddy shoes and my muddy feet

"NTU Cell was here", at Noordin Beach.

Gem and Mr Sea-Disgusting-Slug

Ta-ta Noordin Beach! And we left for mainland soon after. :-)

Were a lot more people photos, but as usual, i'm bounded by privacy rules. Had great fun! Back to my readings. *skips off*


Anonymous said...

jo, as a psych student, can u tell me if happiness and unhappiness is a learnt behaviour? and is crying a learnt behv or issit a 'inert' 'ability' that everyone have? i think the best living thing is plants. no need to feel sad, angry, happy, just eat sunshine and grow. with water of cos, not like the need of humans to feel and, i have lost my youth. i feel so old now, at least 30 yrs old.i cant imagine how i can gg to survive another 2 can feeling youthful and happy be 'conditioned'??

Anonymous said...

can i condition myself to be happy? i think u can write on this for ur thesis...whahaha...but it is really true, can a person condition herself to be happy, despite poor living conditions? say she is sick, can she condition herself to be happy, in spite of the pain the illness bring her? is human emotions a learnt behaviour or issit already inert when the person is born? i guess it is inert in a way, if not y do babies smile sometimes? or do they smile to imitate their parents who smile at the bb themselves?how? wats ur take on this?

Issy said...

the pic of the puppies are sooo cute...y can't i take such nice photos???...sad i missed the pulau ubin thanks to the project, test and exam...grrr...:(

joline said...


i won't be reading from any textbooks to tell you what i think... so... this's just my personal opinion. :-) and man! what you've asked me is rather complex! o.X

maybe this will be a question we can think about. what IS happiness? does happiness only come when everything in life is perfect and running smoothly? is happiness about helping people? is happiness about enjoying the process of being alive and living life? is happiness about money? is happiness a journey? is happiness a kind of joy that transcends all circumstances when you know you have your life rooted in a firm faith/belief/philosophy? or is happiness a fleeting state of mind? is happiness all about ourselves?

i think that the emotional state of being happy and sad (and thus crying) happens naturally. like you said, even babies know how to smile, laugh, and cry at a really young age. i do believe babies imitate to a certain extent, but i think that theoretically, if you left them all alone to grow up, they would still feel the emotions, even if lets say they don't how what the emotion is called.

yet, as we grow older, most of us come to be able to control our thoughts and perspectives on our situations, which in turn can affect the way we feel (happy, sad, angry, etc). Not to say that we can magically change our emotional states from to another though. For example, notice how we can feel instantly (and naturally) angry about how someone did something to annoy us but then again, notice how also that when we choose not to let it affect us and cope with our feelings with some "mechanism" like say distraction for example, we don't feel so angry anymore. because of this, yes, we can, in a way "learn and condition ourselves to be happy".

some people "learn to be happy" despite their situations for a number of reasons... like maybe they have great family support, and/or a resilient personality. some others just learnt to change the way they view their circumstances. in this case, it is all about choice and the will (which is challenging for some of us) to keep seeing things in its reality yet in a positive light. so again, maybe you can "learn happiness".

so i guess depending on your definition of happiness, it may result in different answers.

joline said...


you can! all you need to do is know the functions of your camera, know how you want your photo to look like in a "frame" and snap! of course, knowing a bit of "theory" can help as well, as in, basic photography theory.

ah, you'll be joining us for ice cream party! and we *might* have an east coast trip one of these sundays... ;-D

Anonymous said...

haiz.i guess it is time to change my mentality. to a bochap mindset...hahahaha! aborthen how?

Anonymous said...

my qtn is how to condition myself to make myself happy? besides the usual think positively...wich is difficult when someone kept on making negative remarks. haiz. i must faster quit before i becum old in my mind. no point doing stn i dun enjoy doing and feeling bad

Ambrose said...

The Ambrose Guide to How to be Happy (without thinking positively)

1) Smile. It's one of the simplest, yet hardest thing to do. A smile is normally the effect of happiness, rather than the cause of happiness. However, just like reverse engineering, we attempt to recreate happiness without any rational cause by reenacting the effects of the emotion, happiness.

2) Laugh...
at the world. The world is funny. Be it from a cynical perspective, a positive outlook, or a downright pessimistic opinion of reality, there is always joy in someone's else demise. It's not healthy, but it's happening everyday. Millions of people indulge in slapstick humor to satisfy their primitive instinct of survival; to take joy in someone's else failure, to know they're better off than others. Laugh at the auntie carrying loads of grocery; laugh at the little kid late for school; laugh at the teacher complaining about stress; laugh at the foodseller complaining about tax. Remember, laughter is contagious. One day, the world will laugh with you (or at you).

3) Distraction. Set a goal. An insignificant target. Something that'll make you forget reality, or at least fastforward through it so as to pursue that goal. Examples include completing Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows, clearing Pokemon: Gold 5times, watching Mr Bean: The Movie 10times, asking handsome technician out for dinner.. Do not, however, attempt to fall in love as an escapism strategy, for falling in love is far more complex and involves more emotions than happiness alone (also includes a probability of sadness).

4(a) Dance to a beat. Have a favorite song. Listen to lively music. And use that as a stepping stone to happiness. Tapping to the beat of lively music induces subject into a state of temporal high, from which one may proceed to accomplish 1) to 3).
4(b) Brainwash. To believe you are already happy. Ignoring reality (different from escapism), you extend your temporal high into a false state of happiness. MLM companies use steps 3), 4(a) and (b) to keep partners constantly happy and working hard.

5) If you lack emotional discipline to assume a state of presumptous happiness, appreciate small wonders in life. The green grass, the noisy chatter of the bus, the Singapore government... .... ok maybe not. You get my drift. Feel happy about many small 'others', and that's a start to feeling happy about things you're normally glum about.

6) Dealing with sad people. Maintain 1) to 5). Like laughter, happiness is contagious. If sad people continue lamenting about their existence in the presence of your Happiness, apply 2).

p.s. The Ambrose Guide to How to be Happy (without thinking positively) is a Copyright of Ambroseisanidiot and any infringement shall be dealt with severely.
p.p.s. The Ambrose Guide to How to be Happy (without thinking positively) is the improved and summarised version of The Idiot's Guide to How to be Happy (without thinking positively).
p.p.p.s. Any resemblance to any person, plant or animal; living, dying, dead, or spectral (ie ghost) is purely coincidental and not intentional.
p.p.p.p.s. Stay tuned for the next instalment in the series: The Ambrose Guide to How to be Stay Forever Young (mentally only).

Thank You for your time.

Joline said...


HAHAHAHHA. Thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

ambrose i really got to say u r bery inspirrational. i think u can set up a life coach agency. wahahah since u r a guru at it...wahahah

Ambrose said...

lol really har? then u be my 1st client keke? ^_^ haha

Anonymous said...

u shud hire jo the future pyschologist .lolx....