Tuesday, July 31, 2007

this is for you guys!

Just so you know.
I have the BEST cell group and boyflen ever. It's not that they did anything complicated or monstrous. All they did, was visit me on saturday after service when it was Day 3 of being sick. Yes. That's all they did, but you cannot imagine the extent at which the blasting fireworks and the flying hearts were going off in my head and heart.

To this day, i cannot remember a time when anyone ever came to visit me just because i was sick. With a flu (it wasn't even dengue!). Even after i said that i would rather not pass my germs to them.

Dom and Gem apparently went shopping at a supermarket, buying GRAPES (haha, am tickled by how medieval it is, and the mental image of the 2 guys picking little dainty green and red grapes.) and Vitagen (for my digestion, thanks dear. :-D)

And what's more, Jun called and came over too! I tell you....... My heart sang! Saying Thank you is not enough to say how much i appreciated her being there with a sick old grouch.

They didn't have to be there with me... Especially since all of them should have gone back home early to sleep as our Ubin trip was happening the next day. But they chose to.

So this post is for you guys and gal. You truly blessed me last saturday, and i couldn't ask for anything more.

PS: I knew it was your suggestion, Mer. Thank you. :-) *hug!*

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