Friday, August 24, 2007

Anyone for the New Balance Real Run?

7km OR 12km on Road
1km on Trail
1km on Sand
1km on Runway

I'm keen. Ambrose is keen. Are you? We're thinking of doing the 10km one.


Island Shop:
- bracelet, U.P.: $19. Joline got it for $1.90 instead.
- slipper thing, U.P.: $69. She scored, picking it up for $13.
- tops (3 of them), U.P.: $79, $79, $23. Again she picked them all at $9, $23 and $6.90 respectively.

G2000 blu jacket, U.P.: $69. Snagged it at $29.

POST Great Singapore Sale, i lub'chiew. And ok, i'm a cheapo ***t. As my good friend Xiao calls me.


It's great to be confident enough about my looks to be able to walk around town without a single molecule of make-up on my face, with minimal accessories and in a tee, shorts and slippers.

Thank God for whatever i've been given even though i know that i'm nowhere near perfect. It's not that i don't have my insecurities. Oh please, i do. I've got thunder thighs and calves, stretch marks, tree trunk upper arms, small eyes, stubby fingers and such. I know that there is only a certain level (if you want to compare with the "ideal" image of beauty) that i can reach with what i've been born with. Those, i have to accept.

Yet, while i can still go to great lengths to doll myself up and "look good", i choose not to and i'm still perfectly at ease with how i look without all the effort. Oh, you can also add that i'm at ease, AND lazy. :-)

I'd rather not complicate matters too much (i do go for the occasional facial just to indulge) because i don't exactly fancy destroyed skin when i've aged. Too much make up and other chemicals will ruin your skin. Yes, i concede i'm vain in what way. But hey, i'm thinking long term!

But of course, who wouldn't want to be the envy of other girls, or snag a handsome hunk? I guess while being in a world like this, we all have fantasies at the back of our minds (ok, for some, they are at the front) but to me, "looking gorgeous" according to the world's standards is not important to me. I know where my value is found and values lie, and i know who i am important to. That is what matters to me most.


I just ate a really swell apple. A pretty light rosy pink, with a firm crunch when you bite into it with a sweet, fragrant flavour. Cold too. And from China. I thought to myself, "I'm sure they'll NEVER be able to artificially replicate an apple..." But then, they made fake eggs and sold them. Now i'm not too sure.


Anonymous said...

dear! i absolutely agree with wat u wrote abt 'fancy destroyed skin' ...i also believed that too much so called
tonics (mositurisers blah blah) will harm the skin in the long run. i think even make up is bad for my skin de. tats y i always wait until the most impt events then i will resort to putting make up. and i also think tat abt china products, i also think that even eggs can be fake lor, wat else they can fake up too? u know u know? the funny thing is alot of pple said i look like china ger. yesterday the VP came and talked to me in chinese then she asked me the Question again, are you from china? wahahaha.wadya think? i look china ish?i think i do. but my younger sis said no. well....wats a china look? wats a sg look? gotta frend who said she felt alien in her country , tw, cos pple felt she is korean or japn.oh dear. aliens in our own country!

joline said...


We are ONE on this! Yes. I think it's a much better option to just take care of your skin. Use make up only when necessary or when you just really feel like it. Because one you destroy your skin, no amount of make up can cover it up and may even make it look worse.

Actually, i do think that you don't look like a local. It's because of your fair skin and facial structure and features which is i think considered less common in our population. ;-) Doesn't that make you feel special? :-D

haha, yeah, i get this alien thing now and then also, but i don't mind. (are you japanese? taiwanese? mixed? indonesian?) Isn't it nice to know that you don't look like everyone else? We look captivatingly DIFFERENT! We inspire curiousity! Whee!

Anonymous said...

i typed a long long msg and it nv appears. in a nutshell, i think it is refreshing and enlighteing to hear from i inspire curiosity. wow tats cool man! thks a lot dearie. my frend joked with me that i shud wear badana ard my forehead that said" truly singaporean' as in the ad tat goes" truly asia'...well my mum reckons it is the str hair i have and my specs. she told me to tell pple who said to me tat, i shud tell them'my mum is angry when pple said tat'. of cos i nv said that....but hey! i can go to mainland to work liao, then noone will question me....i shud go and teach them my singlish english or my japn. job prospects. welcome to the dragon of asia: CHINA! or i shud be a tour guide bring sg to china, or chinish to sg? wow! i must look for a china bf imagination runs wild hor?hohoho

joline said...


you bet it does. hahhaa. yeap, so remember how unique looking you are and take joy in what you have that others do not that makes you so special! ;-)

Ambrose said...

hey girl. don't think i can take part in the New Balance Real Run. it's a logistic hell, and i don't have the time or commitment to get involved in it. i'm so sorry about it. i know i intro-ed it to you, but i apologise for not being able to take part in it.

joline said...


sure thing,no prob. :-)