Saturday, August 11, 2007

the boy

On my way to meet the birthday boy... I snapped this while walking across the road and didn't look at how i was going to compose it. Still, i think it turned out pretty arty farty. Teehee.

Just a snapshot of the grass by the bus stop. I liked how the the sunlight was caught and reflecting off the blades of green grass. Full of life and clarity.

A snapshot of a old block of buildings just next to the new La Selle SIA school building.

This was taken after our chosen movie, "The Simpsons"! at the cathay. 30 min of nonsense extended into a 1 hour plus movie lah. HAHA. But i don't regret watching it one bit. Now i've got the Spiderpig ring tone in my phone.

Ok, our classic-obligatory-must-publish-screwed-up-faces.

Best boyflen ever. :-)


Ambrose said...

soooo swweeetttt....
it's diabetic!!! =p
happy birthday wr! ^_^

kk... i noe u've heard that above line like... gazillion times in jc, but i can't help being lame/corny =p

Joline said...


you're always welcome to be lame... it's your nature you can't ignore! heh. but thanks bro. :-) 'tis nice of you!

Anonymous said...

lovey dovey!!weet weet

joline said...


heehee... *grin*