Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's weird and sad, that there was once a fierce intent to make things right as quickly as possible at all costs during a disagreement. But now, there is no such thing as eager pursuance anymore.

Is this what time does? Does it make people take things for granted, with much less passion and careful concern for the other.

It makes me sad, disappointed and disillusioned.


All of us are psychotic in some way. I'd be the first to admit that i am.


Anonymous said...

what happened? hope u r ok now

joline said...

Well, i'm just waiting. (and yep, u got my sms)

Ambrose said...

the term "blind with love" is often used because the period when you're "in love" is usually the period of courtship and "honeymoon" of a relationship. it is blind because of the intensity of the bundle of emotions pouring forth from both parties, like a tsunami that's unstoppable, a flood which seems unending.
but even The Flood (Noah's ark) came to an end eventually. and that is the same with emotions too.
it is suicidal for any humans to live on such a level of emotional intensity for the rest of his/her life. imagine having viagra 24/7. same concept. u'll die of heart attack =p
so there's bound to be times when things cool off. when the fire simmers. when the music fades..
but that doesn't mean there's no love nor concern left. it doesn't mean the well is drying up.
take our families for example. have there ever been times when you or your family members take each other for granted? haven't there been conflicts arising from the sole fact that you're taking their existence and love for granted? it's the same thing. when there any relationship reaches a comfort level of proximity, there comes expectations, presumptions, assumptions. examples are like "mum always cooks dinner for me" "dad always calls me when i'm knocking off from work" "sister will always give way to me for computer" etc.
speaking of expectations, no two person are alike. everyone's unique. as such, there's always expectations and compromise in a relationship. a relationship fails when neither party can compromise to reach an expectation. but speaking like that robs a relationship of its essence, and that is love.
love is a strong word, and it's used to overcome many things. take for example, God's love. He's always there, and you know it. but aren't there times when you wonder where's He? you wonder why He lets things done some way and not the other? regardless of your answer, there's one thing you n i both know, and that is His love is unwavering. unchanging.
and that's the same with relationships. it's a test of love. during periods where there're conflicts, clashes of expectations, is your love strong enough to bridge the gap? is his love true enough to do so too?
do not judge by the superficial. time/gifts/words are things anyone can do to win a heart, to quell an angry storm, to still a conflict. instead, look into his heart. look into yours. if you see what you seek, then persevere. Love will find a way =)
Quoting Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge
"Love is many a splendid thing
Love lifts us up where we belong
All you need is Love
Love lifts us up
Where we belong
Where eagles fly
Over mountains high
How wonderful life is
Now you're in the world".

p.s. i'm a Libra. i'm biased. coz i'm a romantic. but heh. happyness is more than an emotion. it's a way of life. =)
p.p.s. happyness. from Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith. also read U.S Declaration of Independence. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.". Gotta love Thomas Jefferson =D

Ambrose said...

correction: though above comment was said wrt a bgr, if i'm like.. out of tangent or something wrt the disagreement, i.e. it's nothing to do with bgr, love me love my comment don't hate don't slap me for what i said =p

peace!! =D

Issy said...

i would like to lend you my ears :D have no idea what this is about but i hope it'll all work out in the end =)

Anonymous said...

haiz, my life is in bad shape. hope we can ride thru this storms aka challenges unharmed.Jo, i dun get it. can see u care for this relationship with him. alot in fact. well wat can i say? i suppose there is no right and wrong in relationships. so it is not for me to judge. at least u are not stuck with him 8 hrs a day(like me and my colleague). can u imagine? u can aviod him leh, i cant...i m in worse shape than u leh.....arghhhh

on a lighter note, the IT engineers(2 of them) arent even cute. but the stock delivery man is cute abeit in a ah beng way. well.

on a more serious note, can anyone tell me wat to say to request for a transfer? i cant possibly said personality clash. or i cant stand the way she talked to me. how? i urgently need u and ambrose to write a long long reply to this qtn so that i can write in my appraisal. haiz. all wells dun ends well?the worst thing is my appraisal she is there too. so i cant honestly tell my senior manager i dun like to work with my colleague lor.i m really perplexed.

Jo, lets hope next yr this time, our problems will disappear n when we come back to this page, we can have a gd laugh? can we?

Ambrose said...

@ issy:
Lets ALL lend our ear! *throws a ear @ jo*
p.s. if it's wet, it's coz i juz came out of the shower =p

@ anon:
hmmm... got a few qn. 1) where's your workplace? and where's your home? 2) you're working as the dental personnel in schools right? so you're restricted to primary schools? 3) senior management = MOE?
also, there's nothing wrong citing clash of personalities with colleagues. but do take note that you might get marked down by management if such situations occur too frequently. *think: problematic worker. can't get along well with others.* problem is unlike a corporation, you can't ask for a change in department, yeah? and you can't use the excuse "seeking new challenges either" =p this requires some thinking... i'm bad at that -,-'"

Anonymous said...

i m working for a stat board, not MOE. Haiz. i guess i have either pluck out the guts to ask for a transfer or just bear with it silently. either way i m vexed. haiz. dunno wat to do. i think i will just say i prefer to work alone. and that i prefer to take up the challenge to manage a clinic independently so that i can rely on myself. i seriously doubt i can get transfer next yr. how? i cannt imagine working another yr for her lor....
and jo, sorry i shud say now u r facing more serious problems than me, but it is just tat i have no place to vent.arghhhh

Ambrose said...

anon.. how come i dun see u on msn =(
newayz, watcha dun like about your colleague?

Ambrose said...

sorry for being afk so often on MSN that day. Rally speech and soccer kept me away from the comp =p

newayz a few words of advice. 1st, that the grass always look greener on the other side, but not necessarily is. 2nd, that in whatever decision you undertake, be firm, decisive, and do not regret. that said, here's something for you anon.

**names in italics are for your consideration and may be replaced at any time. you might also want to ask your Manager to include a testimony along with your letter to back up your request. be diplomatic =)**

"Dear Dr E and SM Ms JB,

I would like to highlight my desire to independently manage a clinic.

After a year's experience at A Primary, I've gained alot under the tutelage of Manager J and guidance from Dentist S. I would like to further my passion for the job and take on the challenge of managing a clinic independently.

I would like to express many sincere thanks to my colleagues Dentist S and Manager J for nurturing me to who I am today. However I would like to express my strong and urgent desire for a new challenge to further my passion for the job.

I sincerely hope my request for a transfer will be considered.

Thanks and Regards,

Good luck. Let me know how it goes yeah? Feel free to MSN me =)

joline said...


hey friends, i have to say that i am really touched by your concern, through this blog as well as through your smses... i'm really blessed to have friends like you. *I Love You!* And i mean it.

(and it's also really good to see you guys sharing your problems and helping one another out here too. heehee. :-D)

Anonymous said...

oh dear, i was in fact worrying that u will be mad at me for invading ur blog to talk abt my own problems....sorry...take care!

joline said...


no lah dearie... this blog did not start out to be all about the author. i'm even glad that this place can be like an informal "help/therapeutic/counselling centre"! teehee~.