Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jed the bandit

My thief of a miniature pinscher stole my burger that i was suppose to bring to work!

I don't know how he managed to get it. I closed my door the whole time i was prepping... So it probably means that the moment i turned my back at one point in time to do something else, he zoomed in for the kill which was lying serenely in my unzipped bag that was on my bed.

He walloped the whole burger except for a few crumbs and tiny bread chunks that i found scattered on my cardigan, plus a lettuce leaf that was found resting on my blanket. I was afraid he ate the cling wrap too, but he's smarter than i give him credit for. Apparently, he took the burger down to the dining table to eat, and left the ripped cling wrap under there.

He goes under the table because it's harder to catch him there. Imagine the chairs around the table that provide him some protection from bulky human bodies that can't move that quickly on knees and palms, and the stem of the table (does not have 4 legs) that gives him a place to hide and dart back and forth behind when we reach out to try to grab him.

Wa lao eh... Stupid dog...

While i was prepping, my mom knocked on my door and told me that Jed was behaving strangely. True enough, when i opened my door, he was walking around in circles, with his tail at half mast, wagging, and his head was lowered and he looked positively sheepish. He does this every time he knows he did something wrong. He behaves like that only until you extend your hand to grab and spank him. He switches immediately to defend mode, meaning he runs off, but if you catch him, he bares his teeth, snaps and bites at your hand while flipping over on his back in seeming submission.

The one good thing? My mom made me TWO burgers. He only managed to kope one! (but bad enough. :-< )

On the way to work, i sent my mom an sms... Thanking her for making me my 2 burgers and that it was a good thing she made two... She sent me another sms back saying: "Mom's wisdom from God.... but half the blessing went to Jed"

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