Saturday, July 07, 2007

jo is stuffed with activities

This weekend will be nothing short of busy. For starters, i'm working tomorrow (9 to 3pm), church for prayer till 7:30pm. Sleepover at La's place. Buy a present on sunday morning, bum around till 5. Training and briefing for volunteer facilitators (me) for a workshop. Ends around 6:30pm. Sunday exercise. SLEEP.... Work the next day. Argh.

Packed. Packed. Packed. What am i doing up at this hour?! *reprimands self*

I had initially had a serious topic to talk about but never mind. I'd spend too much time editing it anyways. Good night. I hope i won't to be too tired tomorow.

PS: ok, that was a super boliao post. but yeah, needed to ramble anyway. bah.


petit rose said...

Hope you're asleep now :P

joline said...

petite rose:

Haha, thanks girl. So my question would be, why were you awake at 2:10AM???