Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nose is like a hose, throat feels like there's a cactus in there. Feeling altogether lethargic but i am restless. Gah. And my Ubin trip's tomorrow! *roar!* I'm undecided about whether my body can take it tomorrow. Might have to bring one whole box of tissue to tide me through, as well as like, a few boxes of Strepsils that don't exactly work. They only offer temporary relief.

Am sorry for the lack of posts, but i'm more than happy to yak in the comment boxes. Been kinda busy with stuff at work. Writing has also been in short and curt sentences lately. Gargh.


Anonymous said...

take care dear! drink some honey water, it is soothing to the throat

Ambrose said...

precisely why you SHOULD go to ubin =) to cure that damn cursed nose haha =p
oh anon, can i get your h/p number from jo? got an offer for u that u CANNOT refuse *grinz*

joline said...


thanks girl... :-) throat is much better now! just got back from ubin though. cycled in the rain, so i hope my flu doesn't come back tmr when i'm at work! Heh.


whatever u gotta say to anon, u say to me FIRST! *protective glare*

(yeah man, my nose wasn't sniffly at all when i went!)

Anonymous said...

wassup? y want to get ny hp number?

Ambrose said...

to offer u something lor.. newayz ask jo to help me ask u le, since she wanna be "mother hen" and protect u =p haha
reply asap k? =D

Anonymous said...

thks for ur offer

Ambrose said...

yur welcome :)