Monday, July 30, 2007

So. I DID go to Pulau Ubin despite awaking with a slight fever. I just decided that i would be ok later and i just stepped out of the house in faith, after two days of solid resting. What with all the tissue i brought in preparation for a drippy nose, i didn't use it for that but rather to wipe mud off my feet and sweat off my face. In other words, i felt a whole lot better at Ubin and even after Ubin.

Loads of photos to load and share! Got to kope from everyone first and compile into a folder.

In a nutshell. Super shiong cycling, through road, gravel and mud. Through sunshine and rain (flappy ponchos are very handy). Up and down little hills. Stopping to che(c)k out Chek Jawa and Noordin Beach. Saw lots of cuuuttteeee (big) dogs and puppies. Went home still feeling like i could cycle some more. (A lot of stored energy from all the sleep i'd been having)

My mom came along with us, the bunch of us young guns, but you would've thought my mom was a 16 year old, with all that bounding energy she had going on. Miss Jun was very tickled. ;-p

I'm really glad that i'm not as unfit as i thought. *grin* Speaking of which. This year, i'm going to go for it man. 21km at the Standard Chartered Run! (and if i survive this one reasonably well... and if i'm still around in Sg, maybe 42km next year)


Jun said...

Yeah, your Mum ROCKS! (:

joline said...


(and i was thinking... "jun prob won't read this...")

waha, funny how she "transforms" in the presence of youngsters.