Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The day my sis and i punk'd our dad

What we did, was we took one piece of bean, one piece of bacon, one piece of sausage, one fried sunny side up quail's egg and a couple of leaves of vegetables, and called it "dinner". We did this because our mom was away on a holiday and dad was at our mercy when it came to eating dinner. Teeheehee.

My sister and i waited with bated breath and severely stifled giggles in the kitchen, waiting for the moment my dad sees the food on his plate and reacts.
Ha, his reaction wasn't that big, but it was definitely worth the practical joke. He came down and stared at his plate for a few seconds with the silence of disbelief hanging in the air before declaring, "TAKE PICTURE! TAKE PICTURE!"

HAHAAHAHAHA. Ok, to further the joke, my sis and i brought out "our" plates:
In the end, we just laughed and laughed, took pictures and eventually took out the real food that we to eat for dinner.


Gem and I cooked dinner for my family!

These were the potatoes skins that i was raving about. Yummerlicious.

The bowl on the left contains our garlic mashed potatoes that were also yummy and finally, the disaster fish, on the right. Why disaster? Too boney to eat without worrying that you might skewer your gums and the fish had a naturally fishy taste of sorts.


More photos when i get home. I'm at work now, yes.


Anonymous said...

wats tat dish with fish that u said it not gd? Fishy smell ar, my mother sometimes use vinegar or lime to smear on the fish then wash it away. dunno if ur dish can use this method

joline said...


it's called Cajun Fish or something like that. In fact, the recipe had lime in it. I guess it has a natural fishy smell/taste that's just part of how it is.