Monday, March 05, 2007

I awoke today with the knowledge that i've got loads of things to do: Things to research and accomplish for others and myself. It's all good and it's going to keep me busy i guess. Even as i'm thinking of the backlog right now, i can feel the tingle of anticipation running throughout my body to my toes.

Sometimes i inevitably cause myself to panic when i sit down and really count the number of things i'm expected to do, the roles that i'm expected to fulfill and the duties and jobs that i'm suppose to accomplish. It's fun and to some extent i'm enjoying the notion that i've got stuff to engage myself with, but yet i cannot help but wish that i could complete everything instantly with one press of a button.

But it's quite a peaceful day for me so far, in the quiet of the house with Jed sleeping soundly on my bed. Somehow i feel like time is moving at a lovely easy pace. Yet at the back of my mind, a lot of things are poking at me to get my booty moving, but somehow i know it's all under control.
Goal setting and planning is in order for the next few weeks, a month or so.

Guess i'm going to need to get cracking or else this sense of control isn't going to last much longer. Daddy God, thank you for being here with me. :-)


Anonymous said...

i will advise u to do those things u want to do now. cos when u start working full time, chances is u dun have time to do those things. yesh u can always say find the time to do them, but u have to sacrifice some things like pak tou,(hehehe), exercise, alone time to do them! anyway i really salute u for the time and effort u do for vonlunteer wk

joline said...


You know, i agree with you. And if you don't sacrifice some things and choose to go on, you'll be one very exhausted person... Oh, my volunteer work has ended, and the "finale" is this saturday. So exciting! :-)

I wonder if i'll ever have the guts to go through another project like this again though.