Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pweentsop Fun!

I just bought this new software called "The Printshop Deluxe ProPublisher". For some of you who hail from around my, *ahem* generation, you may have had some experience with the earlier versions of The Printshop. I had a nice daddy who bought my sister and i such arty farty stuff to kickstart our creativity and... well, computer geekdom.

(honestly, i'm disappointed that it wouldn't allow me to save a photo with an edited-in border... so i had to do it manually as you can see. And it's no where as nice as the pre-made ones though. *sigh*)

As the years have passed and since kids get older... we buy mostly our own stuff now. So while i was shopping for a nice software thingy to edit photos (the original Adobe Photoshop software is maliciously priced. It's no wonder that people turn to piracy) i came across the now much more advanced version of Printshop! Lala!

And so as i'm glancing through the pre-made cards, familiarising myself with the functions and putting two and two together, i discover: "OH!!! So THAT'S HOW I CAN USE THE APPLICATIONS!" It's quite mind boggling as i sift through the designs and realize how creativity is so unique such that whether or not you get an idea for something is an "all or nothing" concept. The things that you can do seems so infinite (at the moment, to my googly eyes and drooly tongue) as long as you can think of an ingenius design on your own.

I feel as if my ideas-for-xxx are broadening, but yet i also feel like my mind is so boxed in by convention and past experience that it seems hard to not "steal" bits and pieces of already existing ideas.


lakeside girl said...

Oh speaking of photos, check this out!

My favourite pic

Fantastic, huh! =)

joline said...

lakeside girl:

Oh. Waaahh--ooohhh..... Gotta bookmark this guy. Thank youuuu!

I like the colour and consistency of the coffee being poured though, i wish i knew how it tasted! *roar!* Looks like my favourite teh tarik.